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By Atrus
Could really use some advice from the seasoned veterans. I recently acquired a small F150 - seems solid and in good working order, but it's cosmetically beat-up, and considering it's going to a very "girly girl" 4 year old, it needs some customization. :D

My daughter has no clue I have this (it'll be a pre-school graduation surprise next month), but loves my pickup and wants a "purple sparkly" pickup of her own someday. This black and red F150 just won't cut it. The truck I have is below:


I have been reading a ton, and I came up with three options for it. I'd appreciate your input - I am particularly concerned about durability:

1) Vinyl Wrap - I found 24"x60" metallic purple vinyl on ebay for $20 shipped. I've never wrapped anything...I think I could manage (famous last words). I believe I would need 2 sheets of it. Estimated cost: $40.

2) PlastiDip - I have dipped before...thought about doing a base purple @ $7 a can (assume 2-3 cans needed) with a purple "metalizer" to give it the metallic flake for another $8. Estimated cost: $30.

3) Krylon...I found "plum" purple Krylon Fusion, 2 cans, for $16 shipped. . Seems hard to find the purple fusion. I would use this as a basecoat. I also found their Shimmer paint, which seems to be slightly transparent. I have coupons for a local retailer and should be able to score this for $5 a can. Estimated cost: $25.

Which do you feel would hold up the best? She's 4 and I assume will outgrow this at which point I'll find a larger PW for her, however, she has an 18 month old sister that loves to keep up - this thing will be around for a few years. :)

By edac
Picked up the purple, yellow, and pink "Krylon Fusion" at the local hardware store and painted a jeep I found. Bought the "Mini Mouse" decal set and cleared over everything. Grand daughters favorite. 1 year later and it seems to be holding up pretty good.
After a good washing, 220 grit sanding, and "Fusion", you can go to regular enamel.
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