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By Abecker
Roadmonkeytj wrote:Candy flake looks great how many coats
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:I am afraid to ask how long that paint job took?
Roadmonkeytj wrote:Candy flake looks great how many coats
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:I am afraid to ask how long that paint job took?

eh, hardest thing is finding a straight shot of time. I was renovating a house and working more than full time at the time. I would find 30-60 minutes at a time. I had never worked on these at all, so the first day took me that to disassemble. Then over two months I:

1. brake cleaner wipe down and white plastic krylon (for lighter base) - 30-45 min? 4 cans? maybe 6 cans, but i was doing both sides of all pieces and very thick and heavy.
2. then a silver flake base from Big Daddy Roth - 15 min? 1 can stretched thin, 2 better but $$
3. then i taped off the body so i could paint the fenders and bumpers rustoleum gloss black - 1 can, 2 coats - 30 min with taping
4. sprayed the chrome steps and bullguard/tow hooks with rustoleum chrome - 1 can, 2 coats 5-10 min.
5. taped off body from windshield frame and sprayed with Big Daddy Roth candy grease color, 1 can 3 coats much leftover, 15 min with taping.
6. then taped off all painted areas, added a pinstripe (no autozone stuff doesn't bend, professional grade forgot name) across cowel and down sides - 60 min.
7. cut a sheet of Lucy Lace just bigger than car, and some extra sheets for dash board accents like another truck I saw on here. Sprayed backs with 3M adhesive/tack. Wrapped vehicle. -45 min
8. Spray over lace with candy beatnik purple from Big Daddy Roth - 1 can, 2 coats 2 cans 4 coats would have been better maybe, but go light or it will run and have a weird cracking appearance? 15 min.
9. peeled off lace, sprayed over purple with fuscia pink candy from Big Daddy Roth. 2 cans 20 minutes, 3 or 4 definitely would have been better here?
10. pulled off all taped off pieces and sprayed with 1 can 2 coats of rustoleum gloss coat. 15 minutes.

What I learned -

Biggest thing - candies run quick - use light coats and just keep building. and candies are very transparent, can totally see darker colors through lighter colors when spraying directly over darker color.
Spray the 3m tack very well and all over every tiny piece, anything that doesn't stick will shadow.
Contrasting colors look best, although my daughter loves the pink and purple, I think pink and black would have popped better.

I have maybe $150 in paint and materials, but the truck was given to us for free from a non family friend [to illustrate that "we" don't have $1G in this] so easy to accept the paint cost.

Later on I added the twin 750 motors. Kept blowing the 40 amp fuse and could not find a solution here. So, i cut the wires on the pre-assembled dual battery (24V), and wired in a marine grade 50 amp circuit breaker - no issues so far, 3 months in.

However, I had wrapped the tires in that rubber tread from bennys, the kind for stair steps to prevent slipping on, and it has way too much traction, can pop a wheelie if i take the bed off and don't lean over the steering wheel. It gets so much ratchet noise even with slow starts to coast upshift. I haven't figured out a solution yet and was looking at it recently wondering if I didn't reinstall the pre-assmebled gear/motor assembly correctly. They seem to sit inside the trunk instead of in the slot that the axle goes through, I mean some of it is in that space but they don't just sit in there flush. I tried to wedge a piece of wood in between the gear packs to see if it would hold them there better but still get noise and am looking for time to reopen and inspect if the wood is still spreading them for further fitment in the axle /gearbox slots.

My next step may be to remove the tread and find something else for traction. Its fairly fast now so duct tape does not seem appropriate and bike tires seem the same as the traction it has now? Maybe something like bike inner tube rubber cemented to plastic tires .......... ?

- Aaron
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By toycrusher
Ratchet noise is probably the teeth stripped in the gearbox. They don't like traction and even less with 775 motors...
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