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First thanks for the FAQ post and painting tips. I did however have a bunch of questions for you everyone who is willing to help me out if you would be so kind to clarify some things for me

So I want to primer with Kylon Plastic Primer and then base coat the tape off for 2nd color then finally clear it.

Question 1: With the primer after I lay the first dusting coat down it was stated let it flash dry for 15-20 mins. So can I continue that for multiple coats of primer? Say if I wanted to do 3 coats of primer paint wait 15-20 mins, 2nd coat primer wait 15-20 mins then 3rd coat of primer? How many coats of primer do you normally do? Then it was recommended to sand the primer after 24 hours. Is 24 hours dry time the money zone before sanding the primer? Can I wait too long? Then do I let the primer cure based on following what the can states after sanding? Or when should I continue on with first color of base coat? How soon can I tape off the fenders that I am painting a different color? I have purchased the expensive 3m 1/8th in vinyl tape for doing the curves that they use for Automotive painting.

Question 2: I am wanting to do a 2 tone paint job like the Deere Jeep in the FAQ, I am planning to do something very similar. With that he painted the whole body black before the green. I am doing black fenders like Deere Jeep but white for the other primary base color which would be his green painted parts in the walk through. Being I would think it would suck to cover the black back up with white and many more coats to do so. Can I just shoot only the areas that I want black after the primer and and not paint over all my white primer that I will be laying down for the most of the body? If so any suggestions on best way to do it? Then how long should I wait on this first coat of base color to dry/cure before peeling the tape back and starting taping for the next color? Do you... Can you wet sand at all during the painting process? I.e. after the black is laid down should I... can I... wet sand that black then lay down a final coat before I start my base color #2 of white? What is your recommendation on cure time/dry time for the 1st color of base coat? Can I wait too long? Seems like some people say paint everything at once and others say the opposite! How do you recommend I clean/detail the first coat paint finish on the PW after wet sanding(if I can that is) before I start taping off my new area for the finish in white of base coat number 2? Just tack cloth and water? Soap?

Question 3: Once I have my final color shot on the parts... same question again can I / should I sand this coat as well? Can i wait too long between coats of primer, 1St base color, 2ND base color and clear? How long should I wait to lay dow the clear coat? How long should I wait to sand the clear coat? How many coats of clear should be down before sanding? Should I be prepared to shoot base coat #2 ,sand it down again then final coat of color then do the all coats of clear all in one session?

It seems like the process Deere Green states to do in the FAQ is one way that allows everything not needing to be painted in a single session and their are others who say to do it all in one session. Primer to 1st base coat color to 2 base coat to clear. I am going to have a lot wrapped up in this and want it to look fantastic and durable! I am willing to take the time and do it right and you all have stated you have painted 100's of power wheels so I figured I can trust your answers if you are willing to take the time out of your day to answer all my questions for me.

Thanks in advance for your help and reply!

This is how I paint stuff sand the body with 100 grit to get it smooth feeling then dust a coat of primer let it flash for 10 minutes then do a heavier coat of primer to cover the entire body then let that dry over night then sand the primer with 320 grit, dry sanding will be find then wipe the primer with some acetone or rubbing alcohol then next spray a dust coat of your base coat let it flash for ten minutes then do a second coat then let that coat flash for another 10 minutes then do a third coat of base coat if you like just depends if you got good coverage on the body what I'm meaning is as long as it's all covered you'll be good let it sit over night then tape off your edges on the flares cover the edges with newspaper to avoid overspray then once thats flashed for 10 minutes do a second coat then after 20 minutes slowly peel off you newspaper and tape then finally on to the clear coat, spray a light coat on first let it flash for 10-15 minutes then spray a second coat, then let that flash for ten to 15 minutes then do a final 3rd coat and let it dry over night or even 2 days if you want overnight will be okay though for wetsanding the clear coat I personally have wetsanded my nieces jeep after the clear dried over night! Now for wetsanding the clear I personally use 1500 grit that's what my friends use at there body shop and recommended it to me so, what your going to do is get a clean fountain drink cup and add soap and water in it and then your going to dunk your 1500 grit in the cup and pull it out and start sanding the clear coat, sand lightly on edges or you will burn through the clear coat, but when sanding the flat spots on the body don't worry about that that will be a breeze you should burn through, once you sand all the body down you will see the body all scuffed looking that's a good sign, next you will need meguires ultimate compound some microfiber clothes and good old fashioned elbow grease lol! Take the meguires apply it to one microfiber cloth and start rubbing it in a circular motion on the wet sanded areas once applied take another microfiber that's clean and start rubbing the compound till its gone then you should be left with a mirror finish that's what you want hope this helps I wouldn't recommend anything but meguires that stuff works great if you have any other questions I'd be glad to help ! :)

How much paint do you think I should need?

Loaded question I know....
But I am going to be sanding the plastic down and also heating it up and then hitting it with heat and then wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. Then I was going to do an adhesion promoter then primer and then hand sand the primer and put down a 2nd coat of primer and then sand that down then base coat it.

So do you think that 5 cans of base coat and 3-4 cans of primer and then 3 cans of clear would do the trick? Just trying to not over buy a ton or underbuy and run out in the middle of a paint session...
usually I use one can of rustoleum filler primer one can of my my choice of base 2 full coats or until covered nicely but not too thick as long as you got even coverage you'll be fine then lastly you will need one can of rustoleum crystal clear enamel I usually go with three coats so you have room to wetsand the clear nice and flat tell you what here is a video that I learned from on how to make spray paint look professional I think it will help tremendously! Here's the YouTube link sorry for the late reply I try to get on every 2-3 days! This guy got me started in amazing finish work hope it helps brother!

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