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Penn/Jersey 2011-2013 race rules

1) Stock ........This class requires the motors, gearbox tooth count, tire size, and battery voltage to remain stock as sold new. (12 volt max) Stock 24 volt cars will run in the stock +6 class unless there is a sufficient car count to make a separate class.

2) Stock +6 .....Same as above +6volts. (12v at 18 volts and super 6 at 12 volts)

3) Modified Stock ..Any combination of stock components. Scooter controllers allowed. Stock 550 or 700 motors only. (24 volts max). Traction bands allowed on the front tires only(unless they are stock)

4) Unlimited ...... Should be based on a PowerWheel (peg, Saftey 1st, etc) body/chassis. Electric only.

5) Demolition Derby (work in progress)....... Any combination of stock parts. No reinforcing of any part.
One 12volt 12ah max.
No motorcycles, quads, or any type vehicle that leaves driver exposed.
Pvc pipe may be used to bridge across open door areas. Pipe should be mounted to the body at both ends using carriage bolts so
that no sharpedges are exposed to driver or other vehicles. Padding recommend
Stock style push nuts only (no collars or pins). Stock lock nuts ok if factory equipped.
Hoods, trunks, and opening doors should be zip tied shut by at least 2 ties each evenly spaced.(this to eliminate "pinch" hazards)

Decorating your cars to look like real derby cars is strongly encouraged!

The derby will be a timed event. All cars will be outfitted with 12 balloons (supplied at the event) 3 on all 4 sides. The object is to be the last car running with balloons intact, OR have the most balloons intact at the end of the timed event.

General.....Sealed batteries only! Bike helmets required to race (fullface style highly recommended). Motorcross style safety gear required for motorcycles and quads in the unlimited class(vehicles that leave hands and/or feet exposed).
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By taz11
I am also considering a small signup fee this year.

Reasons for this......

1) offset some of the cost of trophies in a tough economy.

2) The past 3 events have had a higher that acceptable no show rate. As a parent I realize that unforseen situations arise. I am trying to eliminate the "my wife scheduled a picnic for that day" cancellations two days before the meet. I'm hoping that If it costs a few bucks, people will take it a little more seriously. It's not fair for those who do show up and have no one to race with.

Thoughts on this are welcome.
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