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:lol: :lol: :lol:

Sounds good NE

I took off work tomorrow so if you want to bring stuff over I should be home....... not quite sure where to put it.....we'll figure something out.
Sounds good Taz. I am trying to consolidate all out vehicles into the pick up so I dont have to bring the trailer.

I may just bring the gaucho, rzr, and the super six. If I can fit the vette I will bring it too. I should be able to with some creative stacking ;-)

And also my guest seems to have backed out. I will still cover for his costs. Sorry about that, I kinda figured this would be the case.
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No need to bust them up stacking them. Plenty of trailer room.

I have a plan for extra tropies so not need to cover the no shows.

Time allowing, at the end of the day, I plan on running a few extra races for those kids that have not won a race.

I will use the extra participation trophies for these races.

Car Numbers Cars can be lettered or just put the number on some cardboard or paper (about 4-6 tall) and attach it to the bumper, grille, or windshield.

Helmets All drivers need a bike helmet or better!

I will have cords set up for charging if needed. If you intend on charging more that one vehicle, please bring a power strip or some kind of multiple plug adaptor (if possible)
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Directions sent via PM. Let me know if you did not recieve them.
Never enough wrote: I never finished the 24v gaucho

BOOOO! :P :lol: :roll:

What do you need to get it going?
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Yeah my 4x4 is going to have to run RC only, just didnt get time to finish up the steering setup. I ordered the wrong pot and the new one has not come in yet.
Hope thats ok, my son wouldnt do too good on a offroad course on his own.

Hey Taz want me to bring the rear RZR so we can play too ;-)
time :lol:

It was pretty basic but I wanted to test everything before I beat it up. I need to shim the 24v motors on the gearboxes and try to reinforce the pentagon drivers so I don't strip them out. Other than that its just 24v through the stock harness and to a relay for the throttle switch.

My main issue is destroying the drivers since there is no soft start.
yeah I tell him that but he is not very focused and spaces out when I talk with him. He is always on and off the gas too so I need to install a brake pedal in this one so its easier on the gearboxes.

We have our trick or treating tomorrow night so it makes time slim since I am getting everything ready for that also. I would complain about that but it worked out last year since we got our trick or treating in before the storm and it looks like this year will be similar. Never heard of going out any night other than halloween before I moved here.
Okay, so wife picked up a 9lb Full Packer Brisket today :-)

It'll go on the smoker around 9:30 or so tomorrow night and smoke through the night at 225. I'll add the poppers around 8AM and we will be on the road somewhere around 9:30 or so.

Just sent Taz an e-mail that my Mountaineer is in the body shop and they are saying they need two more days on it, but secured a back up tow vehicle for the trailer just in case, so we should be good to go.

Nothing like a little "oh s**t" to add to the experience! :? :roll:
taz11 wrote:Nothing like a little "oh s**t" to add to the experience! :? :roll:

Speaking of this........ just spent $60 filling my generator cans

Looks we are just going to squeak this in.....

This will likely be the theme for Sunday....
We are excited. Charging batteries like a mad man :)
On a side note pulled the little 6v no name out of storage. Andy hasn't used it in over a year. I don't know if he will fit in it anymore! We will see!
Last chance taz sure you don't want me to bring the real rzr for adult time trials? :)
A quick tour of the off road course. Obviously, the slower cars will go around the dirt areas.
Ready?....yeah right. Now I have to go work on the cars.
SAHDman wrote:That looks awesome!
Alright cars are ready, we are set to go. I might be a few minutes late as I ned to get mommy and baby out the door with us at the same time. You guys know how that goes! We don't have much to set up. We will be ready to race.
Great time. I have to run and secure stuff for the storm.

I have 3 items that where left behind. If you are missing stuff contact me. More later.
TAZ we all need to know.....did the gaucho getter get gotten? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
Taz, thanks so much for putting this together, we had a great time, girls had a blast racing and playing with the other kids. I don't think my 2 yr old has ever been so dirty before :-)

I'll take a look and see what I have on the Go Pro later today, running around tying things down and was just up fixing the gutters, had a couple loose and wanted to make sure they stay on the roof :-)

Again, thanks so much for all the effort putting it together.

bruces_eviltwin wrote:TAZ we all need to know.....did the gaucho getter get gotten? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

Yes it did...... fell victim to the power wheels batteries I had to stick in it. Breakers started tripping 1/2 way through. I will be ordering some grubbers for winter. The 4x4 unibody Jeep cleaned house :D :D :D :D :D with 2 different drivers.

Thanks to all that came for your donations and your efforts to help out.

The most amazing part of it to me was the obstacle course timing......

James did it twice and his buddy Adam did it once ......... They ran the EXACT same times on both their runs. :shock: Talk about consistent :mrgreen:

Now that I have finished my left over brisket ;) .....I'm headed back out to resume tyin's down operations :?
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sounds like a lotta fun, my kids like your video of the off road course! got any more :?:
bruces_eviltwin wrote:sounds like a lotta fun, my kids like your video of the off road course! got any more :?:

I don't.... I think Someday and NE have some.
taz11 wrote:I have 3 items that where left behind. If you are missing stuff contact me. More later.
Did I leave one of the kids there? I told him to stay in the truck.

It was a great time. I enjoyed meeting everyone and the kids had a blast.

I have been running around all day making last minute preparations for the storm and it never seems like its enough. Anyway I check out the pictures I had...well 350 pictures taken......maybe 20 are good :( with another 25 that are decent. Everything else is just out of focus, blurry or not related to racing :x I have a few of my daughter eating and a video of her cheering that are of the cars...who needs that :roll: That is what I get for not taking the pictures myself.

I get get some video of the truck going through the mud portion of the off road course but I need to DL it still. I can't post my pictures on webshots anymore so I need to find another site that won't let anyone use them first.

I know someday had his go pro mounted so hopefully he got some nice video. I will post my videos tomorrow if I still have power here.
Not a lot of good video, but here is the quad on the off road course. Its mounted on the fender so really shaky lol but I think it looks pretty cool.


The video on the gaucho just didnt work well. I'll see if I can get some photos from the camera up as well.

Taz, hope the left over was good, if you have more make some Chili with it!
that looks waaaayyyy to fun! kids would love to do something like that
Andy and I had a great time! He has been carrying around his trophy's for 2 days straight!
Everything was perfect besides the RZR's esc getting toasted! But it could have been worse.
It was great putting a face to all the screen names, and the kids were great.

Hope you get to do it again next year, or maybe someone will pick up the reigns. Like I have said you are all welcome to come out here, but it would be a hike for most.
I took a few pics with my phone, here are the decent ones.





Cutest pic ever!


Boy does she look pissed! HA



And My favorite! 10 minutes after we left, and the only reason he lasted that long was because we saw a bunch of hot air balloons right by 78.
He wouldnt let go of his trophys!

Very cool indeed! Love to see some more vids. WTG guys! Wish I didn't live 8123813 miles away from y'all. :(
gwinnythepooh wrote:Great Pics! I hope to see more! So jealous you guys get to do this!
LOL at the 6V race, looks like that got pretty heated! How cute!

6v....hmmmm....... like watching paint dry :? :roll: ....but the kids liked it :D

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