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Sounds cool. That would be a great addition.

Lets start getting a head count so we can plan food and prizes.......maybe some candy bags since Halloween is close.

Family and friends are welcome....just remember you are responsible for all those that come with you.

If you guys could post drivers first names, ages and classes you think they will compete it. I will make a list in the first post of this topic so we all know what to expect.

If you could let me know by......10th?

Oh....and car numbers! 67 and 68 are taken ;)
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Matthew #17
Abigail #16

Matthew and Abby in the stock class
Matthew and Abby in the stock +6
Matthew in the 24v peg
Matthew in the modified class

Off road class
Matthew in the stock class
Matthew in the 4x4 modified

I may have 1 or 2 more kids coming. I will try to confirm by this weekend.

So this is what I am thinking,

Charley my little one in the 6V class with her Dora Quad
Charley in the 12V stock in the Mustang, hope everyone can drive around her :-)

Sydney in the 12V Stock in the Gaucho
Sydney in the 12V Stock Offroad in the Gaucho
Sydney in the 4X2 Modified Offroad with the Polaris 700

I don't have numbers on the cars, but lets make them #2 Charley, and #4 Sydney

I hadn't thought about a 6 volt class.......DUH...makes sense with all the little ones coming. Super6?

Never enough, are you interested in 6v too?
ohh I am in, I do have a stock ride! You guys reminded me about andy's first car which sits in the attic of my shed! Grandpa bought it for him and I hated how it was so slow. Thats how I found this site and it all started! I put 12v into it and it still sucked because it had no traction in the front with the speed.
If I put it back to 6v though, it will be a good warm up for him since he has not driven a oval before. Count us in!

yeah I am interested in anything we can race BUT my kids give me a huge problem with riding a stock 12v. My little one tells me all my 6v rides are broken and need to be fixed. I am in but not sure about my kids. Maybe if everyone is doing it :lol: . I know once we race the faster cars they are not going to touch the 6v again.

I also forgot we will race the modified 4x2 offroad.

This will put me at 7 cars so I will need to drop some off the day before if thats ok.
Taz, what ever everyone wants to do, I wasnt really thinking Super 6 vs. 6. I can always put Charley in with the Super 6, she aint gonna win, just wants to drive lol. In the 12V class she will be a jam car for sure, but hopefully everyone has fun with it.
Someday I Suppose wrote:Taz, what ever everyone wants to do, I wasnt really thinking Super 6 vs. 6. I can always put Charley in with the Super 6, she aint gonna win, just wants to drive lol. In the 12V class she will be a jam car for sure, but hopefully everyone has fun with it.
Same here, Andy is probably not going to be competing too much, just riding for fun. May have another jam car as well :-)
Never know he may surprise me!
Maybe I can just put him out there in the 4x4 sp and let everyone else bounce off him ;-)
Jornum....... any info yet on how many drivers? I want to get trophies ordered by Friday so I get them in time.

I started "thinking" out the obsticle course yesterday. The back yard hasn't been mowed for 3 weeks and I have decided to let it grow and "mow" in the track.

It includes 2 gardens and a dirt mound for the 4x4s and some bypass tracks for the stock rides. I'm hoping to set up a few ramps and speed bumps along the way.
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Looks like just Andy so far. I had invited his cousin, but have not gotten any word back yet. So maybe +1 I will reach out again and let you know asap. If you need to order before, just get a extra for me, I will cover it whether he comes or not.

How about some old beater rides to run over ;-)
Jornum....sounds good. Check the first post and let me know if you want to add/ subtract races. I put Andy in most of them assuming you will bring the Hummer or borrow one of Never enough's stock 12v rides.

To all.... I made some changes to the classes (see first post). The list was getting long and I was afraid we would not get it fading on us and such.

Instead of running heats and features like last year..... We will run features only on the oval. I have added some classes to the off-road course so all kids get more seat time. The off road course will be against the clock, two runs with the worst time getting tossed.

Check out the first post and let me know if I need to make changes. Remember.....these are just guidelines...not the law ;) Just for planning purposes.
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Not sure about the stock 12v, I will bring something for it!
If he can hang, I do have the 24v c5 he can race in the modified and unlimited. But I think that would conditional on how he does in the other classes. I dont want him getting in the way of the bigger kids having fun.
I am probably going to bring the
-4x4 gaucho
-rzr(stock but with scooter controller)
-c5(24v scooter controlled, stock otherwise)
-6v no name.

I do have the peg 700 scooter controlled with 21t 550's. Its stupid fast though, and has traction bands. He could race it in the unlimited, but I dont know if he would be able to keep it on the track. Plus I dont have off road gear for him, only a helmet. So I was thinking of leaving that one home.
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Got it...... Looks like I can set you up in the 6v classes, the unlimited oval and 4x4 modified.
Taz, on the oval whats the difference between modified and unlimited? Should I put Sydney in the Modified with the 18V Polaris?

Jornum, Im going to have to check out your scooter controlled 24V Vette, I just picked up a Vette and had it running for a couple of weeks after I replaced the throttle switch, but it is DOA again, I havent dug in but going to guess its the board, so thinking about next steps for it.

The car rules are here..viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2665

The 18 volt vehicle would be in the stock +6 class.

Any of the lower classes are welcome to run with the faster cars. My daughter has won the "unlimited" class with her "modified stock" car
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D'oh!!! That make sense lol.

I think we can leave her where she is then. The 700 is good in the 4X2 offroad class yes? Looking forward to seeing the 4X4's!


Let us know thoughts on food, and costs for trophies and such, loking forward to this.
I'm working on trophies now. I'm planning one size for all competitors and a second size for race winners.

Race entries are not set in stone so you can change the day of.....I'm just tring to give everyone a rough idea of what to expect. I don't want someone to bring a car and have no one else to race with in that class. It looks like we are covered :D

Yes ....that would be in the modified 4x2 class. You can pull out the 6 volt and run "stock" too ;)

I use the same cars for stock and "+6"....just plug and unplug the 6 volt :D

The stock classes will run a basic road cours with a few obsticles. Modified cars will get added obsticles. 4X4s ....well...good luck :D ...time penalties for missing obsticles :o :P :lol: .....logs, mud, hills, etc ... still adding
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Lookie what came in the mail today....
parts 029.jpg
parts 029.jpg (50.62 KiB) Viewed 5997 times

ooooops did I just post that? :roll: :P :P
taz11 wrote: The stock classes will run a basic road course with a few obstacles. Modified cars will get added obsticles. 4X4s ....well...good luck :D ...time penalties for missing obstacles :o :P :lol: .....logs, mud, hills, etc ... still adding
Road course? Thats awesome! Not a big fan of the oval myself, so I am pumped now. Andy probably wont be staying on course, but he sure will have a blast!

Any hints what that big controller will be going into?
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My daughters 4x4 :D :D I'll get a project topic started soon......only had 3 weeks to do this one so I havent had time to post on it yet.

Its a real "rat rod"......your basic "beater" power wheels with sick power underneath...I hope :roll:
TROPHIES are ordered!

I went alittle crazy :oops: .....but might be the last one so what the heck :? All drivers will get a trophy. Race winners will get additional trohpies.......

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE........WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE BEAT MY KIDS! :? :shock: :roll: My wife will kill if these all stay here :shock:

If you want to donate towards the cause it's about $6 per driver. If you can great, if not, no biggie.....its all for the kids.

I have decided to break up the modified off road class into 18 volts and over 18 volts. That makes 6 classes on each track.

As far as food and "extras" Bring what you would like, my wife will fill in the gaps. Just let us know what you are bringing so everyone can plan.
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Wow, thanks so much Taz, the kids will love it. NP about the $, totally understand.

Can say my 3 year old will beat your kids, unless you let me drive the Gaucho RC then maybe we have a chance. But they will probably still beat us considering they went pro this year ;-)
Its like asking a nascar driver to go down and run midgets, your kids have a bit of a advantage! Doesnt make a difference to us, we are just there for a good time!
You can go R/C :D You would need a passenger....or atleast a 25 pound bag of dog food for weight.
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Ha, Andy will go for the ride, he loves it(45lbs). We will still lose, but it will be fun .
Not sure if I will get it done to ride on its own in time anyway. Trying but hitting a few hurdles...

Cant wait!
taz11 wrote:As far as food and "extras" Bring what you would like, my wife will fill in the gaps. Just let us know what you are bringing so everyone can plan.

if i'm doing this wrong, feel free to let me know...

i'll be glad to bring some snacks like chips, doritos, etc.
and some mommy/daddy juice like yuengling (if thats ok with TAZ)

it someone else already had that market cornered, just speak up. thanks.
I'm thinking 10:30 -11 is a good time to arrive(depending on how much you are bringing)

Unload and set up. Get the food going so we don't have to stop later. Racing starting around 11:30-12 as long as everyone is ready. I'm not sure how long it will run. I have shortened the oval track portion but added the off road track. I will guess about 4.....but I could be completely wrong. :?
Sounds good jornum.

Someday....when you get done "mouse hunting"... are you planning on bringing the inflatable and the smoker?

FYI.. I have 4 extra participation trophies. Jornum has a "maybe" driver coming and my boss "might" bring his 2 kids. Any other "maybes"? If any of these becomes set in stone LMK. I can get more if needed....probably up until Tuesday morning. I'd like to keep a few extras just in case.
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Jornum1 wrote:Sorry Taz, I am still waiting for a definite answer. We are heading out there this weekend, I will grill them for it. They dont plan anything till 5 minutes before ;-)

Ok...let me know. As of 5 minutes ago I have 5 "maybe"s If they all come I'm short a trophy....
civieybuilder wrote:I think I might be one of those maybe's. Can not make it, have father daughter Halloween dance. Wish I could make it, looks like it will be fun.

Sorry to hear that but many thanks for the heads up on it :D
Taz, looking forward to it. No worries on the trophies, I think that is awesome, kids will love it for sure!

On food... I am thinking that I'll get up and do some poppers in the morning, and then maybe smoke a chicken or two as well. We would need to heat the poppers back up, throw them in the oven under the broiler for 10 mins or so, or even in the grill as long as that is cool by you? Just thinking that would make more sense then trying to bring the smoker with us.

Other then that, how is parking by ya'll? I think my only option to get all the rides out there is to put them in our 15ft trailer, just want to make sure thats not a problem.

No problem on the trailer or the grille. We are not supposed to have lots of rain so parking and turning around on the grass is ok.

NOTE... those bringing trailers......make a real wide swing from the far lane when turning in. The mail boxes are annoyingly close to the driveway :roll:

I'm going to send out PMs this week with directions.....half the roads around here are still closed from the 2011 storms. Your GPS will get you stuck on a closed road without a doubt :evil: .
Is anybody interested in this Porche?viewtopic.php?f=29&t=10387

I was going to take it to work to make more space to prep my cars. Speak up now or it wont be here on Saturday.
Taz, sorry I missed the earlier question, lol we had fun with the mouse, great trip and good weather for sure.

For sure I will plan on bringing the bouncy house, it doesnt get nearly enough!

On the smoker, I think we are set for doing the smoking at home that morning and bringing the stuff to heat back up. I usually do whole chicken cut in half, but maybe I'll see if we can get a package breasts or such so that people don't have to cut it apart to get something to eat :-)

On the Porche... please bring it to work before Saturday because I will certainly have room on the trailer to bring it home if its still at your place. :roll:

I can fit a 4+ trailers if needed. Its only an issue if it rains 3 inches the day before.

Someday.....sounds good.

Don't leave the Porche decision to me. I'll leave it at the house if I think I can persuade you to buy it :lol:
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