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Electrical, Battery & Switch help
By modrakv
Please advise.

My white battery lead melted and began smoking.


Early April 2019:
  • 100% bone stock Frozen Powerwheels 12v Jeep.
    Stock passenger side motor burns out.
    At the time I thought it was a switch so I replaced both shifter switches with new ones I found on Amazon.
    Probablem persisted.
    Late April
    I replaced both stock motors with the 550 Performance Motors from MLToys.
    Jeep worked however the stock batteries internal breaker kept tripping.
    Late May
    So I replaced the stock 12v battery with a 12v Extended Use battery w/ 40 amp external fuse from MLToys.
    Jeep worked great for a couple light runs with my two daughters riding together (50lbs and 35lbs)
    Last week on probably its third use they were going in circles in the backyard (flat ground and recently cut lawn). After about 20 mins of continual use I noticed the Jeep coming to a crawl. I had my daughter stop and I check under the hood and noticed a melted/smoking positive battery lead between the external fuse and the plug-in connection.
    The motors weren't hot
    The battery itself wasn't hot
    The 40amp fuse never tripped however the fuse holder was very hot and had begun melting/warping from the heat
Here is some more context behind my problem. When I installed the new battery it came with male/female connections that left a little bit of bare wire exposed. So I wrapped some cheap black electrical tape over those areas. The electrical was fully melted and as was the wire's insulation. The same day that I installed the new battery I also went back and removed the male/female connections at the 550 motor leads and soldered those wires together.

This morning I reached out to MLToys and they immediately replied to me saying that I have an amperage back-up somewhere. I understand that but am looking for some insight on where to go from there.

Other than the 550 motors, battery and shifter switches its all stock.

Thank you for your time

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