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By gameboy
Power Wheels 12 volt Gray cube battery (newer uni-body Jeeps, Ninja's, etc):

Image[br] 65.96 KB[/size=1]

Older and newer style female (vehicle side) 6volt "A" connectors:

Image[br] 63.92 KB[/size=1]

Older and newer style male (battery side) 6volt "A" connectors:

Image[br] 67.52 KB[/size=1]

Image[br] 65.15 KB[/size=1]

**note** you can stack old and new style connectors toghether
Image[br] 63.6 KB[/size=1]

i show here that stacking old and new is no problem. look at the male connectors on the right to see 2 old and 1 new style side by side.
This is the "H" style male (battery end) recalled connector on older power wheels and on some smaller single six volt cars. i dont see much problem useing these type of connectors on smaller single 6volt cars because the amps arent that great to cause heat build up, but with any moddification this connector should be tossed.

Image[br] 45.04 KB[/size=1]

They can be singles, as above, or stacked like this, below, (2 must be placed on top of each other before inserting into female connector)

Image[br] 46.22 KB[/size=1]

Female side of plug, below, (single plug shown), kinda silly since this is supposed to be a unisex plug. You can also take two males and plug them together but there are no tabs to lock them in place.

Image[br] 43.02 KB[/size=1]

Double female "H" style:


i found this on the F150 i just did and thought from a first glance that it was a new 12v style connector:

Image[br] 47.15 KB[/size=1]

what i found when i opened it up was an "H" style connector in a housing, so dont be fooled. this is still an "H" style recalled connector. dont use it on any 12v or higher project:

Image[br] 54.66 KB[/size=1]

Power Wheels Lil' Quad connector (looks very similar to "H" style, but larger) also an "H" style will not fit in this connector:

Image[br][size=1] 62.22 KB[/size=1]

Peg Perego

Image[br][size=1] 31.3 KB[/size=1]
this is the battery side of the connector, the vehicle side looks the same and can be different colors, white or black. you may have a connector that looks the same but will not fit into the battery. that just means it wont fit and dont force it. i have not figured out which conn. fits which vehicle, but i suspect that they(peg) separate them by voltage meaning the 6volt conn. wont fit the 12volt conn. and so on.

Aftermarket connectors you could use:

Image[br][size=1] 43.15 KB[/size=1]

you should be able to get these at radio shack or someplace similar, allelectronics has them too: ... G/-/1.html

but i would not recomend these for use in a vehicle as the power system, they are too small. these would be great for charging ports or accessories. These are called S connectors.

How they go together:

Image[br][size=1] 30.73 KB[/size=1]

if you are looking for this type of connector for use in a ride on you would need something a little bigger 12ga. or bigger.
you can get bigger ones from allelectronics: ... 0/-/1.html

these you can use for battery connections because they are rated for more amps.

Male and female spade connectors, along with splice(butt) and fork connectors:
please note that some of these connectors are "insulated" meaning the connection point have some sort of covering over them, i would recomend "insulated" connectors when doing any sort of serios moddification or working with the batteries that power these things.
Image[br][size=1] 65.76 KB[/size=1]

*** note *** there is a color scheme to these connectors
yellow--- 10-12 ga. wire or smaller
blue----- 14-16 ga. wire or smaller
red------ 18-20 ga. wire or smaller
I dont know why they dont make a 12-14 ga. wire connector, it seems that size would fit "our" needs better but the world doesnt revolve around "us". darn it.

The blue inline tap (also known as an inline splice) on the left can be used to "tap" into the wire of your choice without having to cut or strip the wire you are tapping in to. Simply lay a new wire along side the existing wire, shut the splice, squeeze with pliers, and you are done. But they aren't the most secure connectors and don't handle current real well.

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By gameboy
Posted - 10/11/2007 : 09:54:38

Some of this is covered in a nice video done by our very own admin, Jasncab: ... tors_video

I want to start with stock PW connectors..........

Power Wheels connector recall info: ... tegory=429
Please note that the new connectors can only be installed by a Power Wheels service center.
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By gameboy
Posted - 10/17/2007 : 07:34:06

Another "H" style connector, I believe on some aftermarket batteries only, shown on the left. On the right is a Duratrax Power Pole connector to show that they are identical.


And 2 of the above style connectors plugged into a double female "H" connector:

These connectors are also covered by the recall, and should not be used.
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By gameboy
Posted - 12/01/2007 : 06:07:07


Sorry I didn't look at this thread sooner...

Only the H Style connector is under recall. Connectors used prior to the H are not. To have a PW Service Center convert a vehicle to the new A Connector at NO CHARGE it must have the H connector on it AND it must be a vehicle that uses the Red Super 6 volt batteries. If it has the other style connectors then the Service Center may charge for the swap. Green and Blue batteried vehicles with H connectors are not under recall and considered safe to use.

Recalled H Connector (if on red batteries):

Newer A Style Connector (also comes in red):

More specific info on the recall: ... tegory=429
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By gameboy
Posted - 12/27/2007 : 15:49:09


If replacing a Power Wheels brand Gray battery with an aftermarket battery, the connector can be removed from the stock battery.
If you pry the cover off the top, it will look like this:
(photo by seckwielen)


The black part is the connector, and it can be removed from the case, along with the wires.
Connect the wires to the new battery, but be sure to add an inline fuse or breaker.
The stock breaker (silver) is epoxied (red) into the case.
Originally posted by seckwielen
[br]Pry ONLY the top 1/8 of an inch off the battery and deeper than that may result in release of the acid. My "cover" came off rather easily. If you have to force your way in with a hammer you are probably not in the correct location. Look at the very top and you will see where the cover is bonded to the battery.
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By gameboy
gameboy wrote:swhenrik
Posted - 12/27/2007 : 15:49:09


If replacing a Power Wheels brand Gray battery with an aftermarket battery, the connector can be removed from the stock battery.
A word of caution. i have done this several times and ended up with a ton of batteries( well actually a little over a 1/4 ton anyway) so I thought I would do the right thing and recycle, but the people at the recycle place where i took my batteries WITH NO TOPS, got their nose all bent out of shape and almost wouldnt take them because the plastic cover was removed, thus exposing the caps to the battery chamber. I really didnt see why this made a difference but none the less they had a problem with it. so, beware the recycle place may not take them in this state.

FYI: for my 689 lbs of batteries, i got $148.59 HOLY CRAP, I thought it was just going to be lunch money for me and the kids. BOY was I wrong. wrong all the way to the bank. :o :D :lol:
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By gameboy
these are some industry standards for battery terminals that come on aftermarket batteries when you buy them.

Image[br] F1 Terminals 0.187" wide
Image[br] F2 Terminals 0.250" wide
Image[br] Spring Top Terminals Collapsible to 1mm
Image[br] Nut and Bolt Terminals
Image[br] Wire Leads
Image[br] Toy Battery Spade Terminals
Image[br] Toy Battery S-Connector
Image[br] Toy Battery H-Connector
Image[br] Threaded Button Terminals

10 guage "S" connector

18 guage "S" connector
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By gameboy
i found this info and was going to add it to the 1. All about batteries. (general info on batteries) but its a dead link.(need to fix that, dont we? hmmmmm.)

any way take look at it and see if it needs to be added, its plain, simple and too the point. also good info.
Batteries may still read the proper voltage with a volt meter when under charge or off charge even when they are bad. To properly test a battery it should be done with either a load on it or by using battery-testing equipment.

Batteries used in power wheels and other ride-on brands should not be run down past 10.5 voltsor 87.5% of nominal voltage.

Example; 12 Volt Battery X 87.5% = 10.5 volts therefore a 12V battery will stop discharging at 10.5 volts. This also applies to strings in series.

Examples; 2-12V batteries in series will produce 24 Volts. 24 X 87.5% =21V This string should be disconnected from the circuit at 21V.

4-12V batteries in series will produce 48 Volts. 48 X 87.5% =42V This string should be disconnected from the circuit at 42V.

Never replace a partial string of batteries! This is not an old wives tale, it's true! When you put new batteries in a string with old batteries they will take on the characteristics of the older batteries and will require replacement much sooner and cost more in the long run. The charger will see the string as a single battery and older batteries may cause over or under charging of the new batteries causing premature failure. It will also cause the equipment to be less reliable.

this was taken from a battery suppliers website, it explains why we have seen an increase in battery prices. since i have started this addiction, battery prices have doubled.

Lead prices are rising! In the past year costs of lead have risen over 120%. So far we have seen up to 4 price increases for some manufacturers this year alone. All of the manufacturers we carry have or are increasing their prices again this month or in months to come! We are doing our best to keep prices down but have been forced to raise prices accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will continue to let us supply you with your battery needs.
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By blake711
New Style Kid Trax Battery with Power Pole Connectors. Second photo is of adapter to use with older Black Saftey First battery.

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