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Electrical, Battery & Switch help
posted by: chopper
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Posted - 09/13/2006 : 12:26:46

A video relating to this is available here: ... tors_video" onclick=";return false;

To answer this simply....YES!! If you've switched to anything but the stock power wheels batteries, you MUST install a fuse OR circuit breaker. Stock batteries have them built in. If you do not install one, you are risking the safety of your child as wiring and electronics can catch fire in the event of an electrical overload.

With that said, a 30 amp fuse or circuit breaker SHOULD work fine (maybe a little bigger one for certain vehicles or heavier kids). Circuit breakers are a little more expensive, but you don't have to replace them everytime they pop, like you would a fuse. The fuse/breaker should be installed as closely as possible(preferrably within 6 inches or so) to the battery in the positve cable.

*Disconnect battery
*Cut positive wire a few inches from the battery
*Install female spade connectors on each end of the cut wire
*Slide the end of one wire onto one terminal of the breaker, and the other wire onto the other terminal.
*Reconnect battery

Possible source for breakers:
For those with FP Power wheels(maybe on Peg Perego cars too, not sure), if you have an old battery, carefully pop the top most layer of plastic off the top of the battery. Inside there should be a circuit breaker hiding out, as well a connector (on some models) that you can scavenge.

this is the most common picture floating around here and it is the easiest way to give the protection back to your power wheels after a little modding has taken place.

Insert Image: Image

out of the package it looks like this(minus the connectors on the end):

Image[br] 79.06 KB[/size=1]

Image[br] 85.95 KB[/size=1]

and inside it comes with a fuse, i buy the largest one i can find(30 amp) and if needed replace with a 40 amp. this is 10 guage wire set up, it can handle it. another good thing about this one is it is water resistant with the cover that it has on it. this would be the one to buy if you leave your rides out in the weather.

you can also put a "self reseting breaker" in it place. this is a good idea if you like to take trips away from the house. because if the fuse blows for some reason and you are away from the house you are stuck, but if you have a "srb" it will reset in a couple of seconds and your off again.

there is another kind that looks just like the one above but its not water resistant:

Image[br] 66.34 KB[/size=1]
it comes the same way, with a 30 amp fuse, but you can replace with a breaker, you just need to cut the excess rubber off to make it flush to put the breaker in.

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