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Electrical, Battery & Switch help
posted by: jasncab
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Posted - 05/03/2006 : 16:16:29

12V 12AH could be charged at 2amps for 6-8 hours.

You can go to c/4 if you want, but I wouldnt
(12AH at 3 amps for 4-6 hours)

I would set a timer. I used a christmas light timer. Turned it on checked the time and hooked an off switch (those little tabs you put in it) to 8 hours from now... That way in 8 hours it turns off and take manual intervention to turn back on.

Check the voltage under load as well. a fully charged 12V battery should put out 12.7V under load. So hook up a DMM to the wires from the batt, press the gas for 3 - 4 seconds and record the lowest setting. Is it below 12.3V? Charge some more.

a 12V battery is "DEAD" at 10.5V .

I like the following information (site noted below)
State of Charge 12 Volt battery Volts per Cell
100% 12.7 2.12
90% 12.5 2.08
80% 12.42 2.07
70% 12.32 2.05
60% 12.20 2.03
50% 12.06 2.01
40% 11.9 1.98
30% 11.75 1.96
20% 11.58 1.93
10% 11.31 1.89
0 10.5 1.75 ... 20Charging" onclick=";return false;
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