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General Site FAQ's and information that doesn't fit into one of the above topics.
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By gameboy
Posting a pic::

Starting with an image on your computer. Open "my computer" or "Windows explorer"
Right click on the picture file it will read "open with" then highlight that and choose "Paint."

In Paint, choose "image". In the drop down menu pick "stretch/skew"
The image size will pop up. Change the value to about 33%. That works for me and my picture size, you may have to adjust for yours.
You will need to change the percentage values ONLY in the Stretch section and keep them equal, meaning if you change the 1st value to 33 then the 2nd value has to be 33 too, to keep it proportional.
Then all you need to do is save it.

You may have to do this more than once to get the correct size you need, but once you figure the correct values then it should be the same for all the rest.

Here is a pic of the screen you need:


Also if you have your camera set at its lowest picture setting that helps too. Mine won't take a pic less than 1024x786 so I set it there and take the pic quality setting down to the lowest setting too. Once the pic is taken, i still have to go into paint and resize. Sometimes i take the values down 50% and others down only 20% of the origanal pic size. so once you find out what size you have to start with, start playing from there.

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By gameboy
Posted - 11/19/2007 : 09:03:40

Here's my addition... I try to never post a pic larger then 640x480.
If it's any wider then that, everyone has to scroll right to left to read all the text. It sucks!

- In paint, click on "image" then "atributes" and it will tell you the pixel size. Commonly 1024x768 or 640x480, etc.

Whatever the first number is (1024 for example), take 640 divided by that number. 640/1024 is 0.625

You need to move the decimal place over 2 positions, so it would be 62.5, but it has to be just two numbers long, so round it down to 62%. Use that number in the "stretch" box for percentage. This is an example, you need to calculate your own size.

When done, ALWAYS save as a JPG image. That will knock the file size way down compared to a BMP. Newer versions of paint have that option. Click on "File", then "Save As", and under where you type the file name is a box called "Save as type". Click it and select the ones that says:
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By gameboy
Posted - 11/19/2007 : 13:35:15

Next step.... actually posting a picture.

You have to "host" the picture on a web server somewhere, whether it's photobucket or a personal website, etc. You can't link to a pic on your personal computer. Wherever you host, be aware of the length of time it will stay up on that site. Even Photobucket drops pics off their system after some amount of time. And if that happens, no one will be able to see your pictures anymore.

A better option, is uploading pictures here. When you are typing a new post, there's a link right below where you are typing with a paper clip and says "Attach a file!" Click on that and follow the directions. Once you upload a picture that way, it automatically gets linked into your post.

If you uploaded your picture on a different server, or you want to show YOUR picture again in an additional post, or you want to show someone else's picture in your post, this is what you do:

- Right click on their picture, and choose "properties."

- Hightlight the file name with the mouse, and make sure to include the entire address including the JPG (sometimes it's long and will "Scroll" as you are highlighting.)

- Right click on it and select "copy".

- In a post, insert your "IMG" tags by clicking on the button on the toolbar above where you are typing that says "Insert Image".

- With the cursor (for typing, not the mouse pointer) between the IMG tags, select paste (Control-V or right click and paste, etc)

You are done.
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By gameboy
Posted - 04/29/2008 : 11:47:19

For image resizing - if you have Windows XP operating software I use a free Microsoft XP Power Tools program called Image Resize.

It will allow you to right click on any image or multiple images and choose a size to convert them to! Very easy to use.

You can download it here (only for Windows XP users though): ... ySetup.exe
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By GSEric69
The Maximum size of an attached picture is 500KB on the site. If you want to know the size of the picture, you can right click on the file and click properties and the size will be displayed. It will also be displayed at the bottom information window when you single click on a file on your computer. The maximum number of attachments allowed per post is 9, so if you have a lot of files you want to post, you'll need to add more post to your thread.

To attach a file to your post, first click the "Upload attachment" button under your text window.
MPWpictures1.jpg (58.01 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
Next, click the "Browse" button to browse the files on your computer.
MPWpictures2.jpg (47.72 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
Then click the "Add the file" button to upload the file to the site
MPWpictures3.jpg (56.02 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
Once uploaded, you'll be able to see the file listed under the text window. You can also add a description or comments to it if you like. Then click the "Place inline" button to add the file to your post.
MPWpictures4.jpg (66.92 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
And this is how the attachment will appear in the text box.
MPWpictures5.jpg (58.97 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
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By GSEric69
To view attachments you've already uploaded, click the User Control Panel link in the header on any page.
MPWpictures6.jpg (122.4 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
Once in your User Control Panel, in the Overview tab, click "Manage attachments".
MPWpictures7.jpg (86.04 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
Once in your attachments, you can view them, see what topics they've been used, and delete them if you like
MPWpictures8.jpg (76.88 KiB) Viewed 2898 times
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By killerdwood
Thank You!!! Now I can post a pictures of the vehicles I want to mod! Thanks!! :D

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