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Help with Steering, Wheels & Pushnuts (The things that hold the wheels on)
The full size VW bugs have got to have the worst traction know to PW modders. I have had 2 of them and they were both terrible. I cleaned one up for my daughters class mate and took a stab at solving the problem. It worked GREAT.

I have always argued that the problem is caused by the fact that the battery is infront of the front wheels and the driver sits further forward than most ride-ons (except maybe a Gator which also has horrible traction issues). The lever effect actually lifts weight off the rear tires while planting the front tire in every crack and hole in the yard. :evil: Kinda like a big block Camaro in the snow. :shock: :?

For this mod you will need a small piece of 3/4 plywood and metal coat hanger (or suitable material for a battery hold down). You will also need an extra car side and battery side connector with some 12 gauge wire. If you are using an aftermarket SLA you will only need the battery side connector.

I apologize for the lack of pics....this post is an after-thought.

Start by removing the seat, motor cover, and wire cover. Cut the plywood to fit in the space between the axle and the rear of the body tub (between the motors) and attach it with 3/4 inch sheet metal screws from underneath, screwed into the wood. The battery can then be tied down to the wood. I used a metal coat hanger and two more screws. Make sure it doesn't move or it will slide into the motors and possibly break the wire tabs. Use whatever connectors needed (depending on battery type) and attach enough wire to the battery to reach the stock connector under the hood. I attached my new connector to the top of the wirewall with more coat hanger and screws. (required windshield removal)

The car can now be charged from the factory location and the weight is on the rear tires. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

Here is the new connector location.
dune bug bat mod 001.jpg
dune bug bat mod 001.jpg (37.2 KiB) Viewed 5667 times
The battery is now under this cover.
dune bug bat mod 003.jpg
dune bug bat mod 003.jpg (51.39 KiB) Viewed 5667 times
This will give you a rough idea of the battery tray and hold down
dune bug bat mod 004.jpg
dune bug bat mod 004.jpg (50.6 KiB) Viewed 5667 times
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As luck would have it..... this came back for a battery swap. I was able to take the pics I forgot the first time.
parts 001.jpg
parts 001.jpg (49.34 KiB) Viewed 5140 times
parts 003.jpg
parts 003.jpg (26.09 KiB) Viewed 5140 times
parts 002.jpg
parts 002.jpg (50.71 KiB) Viewed 5140 times

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