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Help with Steering, Wheels & Pushnuts (The things that hold the wheels on)
This is for power wheels brand, little tykes, safty 1st ride-ons and any other brand that uses the little push nuts that everyone hates. They are reusable.

if you own a peg perego, you most likely have a nut on a threaded axle holding your wheels on. And its most likely a 1/2 inch nut or a 13mm nut. taking them off should be self explanitory.

now back to topic.

The easiest way that I have found to get the little buggers off are to take a small screw driver or even a paint lid remover tool and get the plastic cap off of it,


you might need to us a pair of pliers or even a paint can lid opener, just something to get the cap off with out damage.

Now you have the cap off and you are left with a piece of plastic and a metal ring with tangs on it attached to the axle.


From there use a pair of pliers and gently squeeze the side of the push nut, then turn 90% and gently squeeze again.

This should push all the tabs in enough to make the push nut release easy with gentle rocking and pulling pressure on the nut while squeezing. Should now come right off.

Now you have this old push nut that may be semi oblong or even flat in some places, but that’s ok.

Now, get a large head hammer

(I say large head because they work better, im useing my framing hammer, a small head will work but it’s a little more difficult, just make sure it is not a “waffle head” type) and place the metal part of the push nut on a smooth concrete floor (smooth concrete works best or if you have an anvil that will work too.) and gently tap with the head of the hammer. What you are trying to do is make the tangs close back up again and tapping with a hammer is the best way I have found to do it, so far. Now it should look close to this.


Now that its flat, put the piece back in the plastic cap and reuse.



**note** when I put the metal part back in I faced the tangs inward and left the rounded side facing out, this will let you whack it back on the axle and be reused.

if you need to buy more push nuts, then you can get them at ... or ... or
you might be able to get them at your local hardware store too.
or here:
Cook`s Saw Mfg.

********I must let you know that this is only good for a bout 1 or 2 times, heck you might even get 3 or 4 times out of it, but after that the metal weakens too much and breaks.**********

Now if you don’t want to mess with these things at all you could just take them off any old way you wanted and then use a shaft collar like so:



You can get these from fastenal for about a 99 cents a piece. the size you will need is 7/16. Here are the links:
7/16: ... ?sku=33373
1/2: ... ?sku=33374

one problem also worth noting is when these axles are made they are cut with a shear cutters and sometimes leave a lip that the 7/16 collars are not able to clear. to fix this you would need to sand/file this burr down so the 7/16 collar will fit. if you dont want to mess with deburing or filing the lip down you can use the 1/2, it will be a little big but it will work just fine. i have had the 1/2 on my kids rides for about 6-8 months now and have had no problems. i keep both sizes so if needed i just go with the bigger one.

Or you can use "drill stops" they look the same but are called by a different name.

Or your local hardware store should have them, but they will probably be a little more expensive.


Peg perego has threaded axles with nuts to hold the wheels on. But it is a lot of extra work to do that to yourself, and if you dont have the tools then you end up having to pay someone to do it for you, not to mention that you have to find a way to secure the back axle so it wont spin on you when you try to take it off or on.
Posted - 10/22/2007 : 08:33:44

Even though it takes longer the first time, I've been cross-drilling and pinning all my axles. But I'm using "Body pins", which are VERY quick to pull off, no tools required. ... XLZR0&P=ML

It's up to each person to decide which route they want to go.
Good Info! I think I will go with the body pins! Good Job!! :D
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