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All those "freebies", almost freebies and "came up-ons" and those really good deals can go here. LOTS OF PICS WELCOME. :-)
johnny1333 wrote:
taz11 wrote:Dewh yu knoeh how ard itsis 2 typ wdth fgnerz krost? :lol: :P

GOT IT!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

It´s missing the rollbar and toolbox, but it´s in great shape... I have never paid $180 for a BPRO :? but I had to have it!... this thing is plenty of power! the guy told me that the circuit board failed and they got it fixed at peg perego with a new version of the board... and they gave him a new battery. I should be able to find the missing parts at peg perego, the service center is only one hour from my house and I drive there for work very often... I forgot the charger.. :( I called the guy and he will keep it for me... :)
I have seen only three superpowers in my area in three years and this one is the first one listed at a decent price...
Except for the missing parts, it looks like new
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By yttocs
Dasilva, check your PM box when you get a chance. Sent you one a couple days ago and it is still sitting in my outbox. If it didn't go through let me know. I'm assuming you've just been busy over the holiday weekend. Happy thanksgiving!
Congrats....not a single one has come up in my area in the past did well paying only 180 in my opinion

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