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By kbutter22
Since this is my first post I will give a you all a little background info, before I let you know what happened this morning. I am an electronics technician working on military simulators, prior to that I worked as an electronics/manufacturing tech at a few different companies from electronics manufacturing to supplement packaging for about ten years and prior to that I was tank mechanic in the Marine Corps, so I have worked on some technical stuff and stuff that a hammer was viable option for repair. My wife and I recently adopted a 6 year old boy, he moved in with us last Saturday, when I asked him what kind of car he would like to drive someday he said "slug bug", he only weighs about 45 pounds so I thought I still might be able to get him a power wheel type toy. We don't have a large Christmas budget this year so I had been trolling craigslist trying to find one that was at least 12 volts and under $100 and was not having any luck. The street I was driving on my way to work this morning was having trash day and as I came around one cornier I saw a VW convertible setting next to one trash can, I was in shock and drove right on by.
ppvw_001.jpg (384.11 KiB) Viewed 2364 times
I turned around and loaded this baby up and even looked in the trash to see if there were any other parts, there were not, when I got to work I popped the hood and saw the wiring harness cut
ppvw_002.jpg (374.76 KiB) Viewed 2364 times
but most everything else intact,
ppvw_006.jpg (323.68 KiB) Viewed 2364 times
even has a working radio
ppvw_008.jpg (326.67 KiB) Viewed 2364 times
I already put batteries in the radio and got sound it is week but I can fix that. So now I need you guys to help me convince may wife that it is neither garbage nor a money pit. I haven't checked the motors yet, the wiring is 4 wires from dash (yellow, yellow, red, small black) and five wires from underside (red, red, blue, black, small black), is there a quick way to check the motors with either a 12v AGM or 2 6v alkaline lantern batteries I have here at my work. I have seen a few wiring diagrams here but I would like to see the actual Peg Perego one so I could have a reference, instead of back engineering it before I start making mods. Yes I said mods, I want it to be a Baja bug, tube bumpers in front and back, lifted with big tires in back, roll bar etc.

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By toycrusher
So now I need you guys to help me convince may wife that it is neither garbage nor a money pit.
:? :? :?

Good luck on that one. My wife sees garbage, I see the start of another project... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
20140323_172338.jpg (121.94 KiB) Viewed 2361 times
By edac
Skip the stock wiring and go with the 24v esc kit. Nice find!
I drove by a Barbie Jammin jeep a few months back, thew it in the back of the work truck and brought it home. Yes, my Bride rolled her eyes and said I should have left it on the curb. Found a set of mini mouse decals for it, a couple of cans of Fusion paint, a new Gruber battery, and now it's my 3 year old granddaughter's favorite!
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By SigEp
Yep, that's a keeper. The magic is a very rare, very detailed and well build ride on. Much better than anything by Power Wheels or any other brands. It will take a little work to get it nice and looking new again, but it's worth your time.
By kbutter22
I have decided to strip it down and paint it blue and keep the tan interior, then I am going to slap a couple of 6 volt batteries in there and see how much he will use it before investing $150 in the 24 volt upgrade.
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