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By MR_Pat
So last year i went with my brother in law to various friends of his houses to go find a few pw for my kids for derby purpose .. at the time we only had the yellow corvette and the red mustang... on the run with him we got 2 jeeps and he pink barbie vette now silver vette.... Just wondering if anyone can help me out with identifying this red one .. Mother in law is complaining that its dog slow and has problems but i haven't really worked on it aside from the day we picked them up and quick threw some wires in so the kids would be able to drive them at the local derby the following weekend.. Boys helped Gram paint them and she got vinyl lettering for them .. and im putting the silver car on hold for a couple days while im waiting for some parts so figured since i only have a week to get it done i should research into these things.. I know the red one has a metal frame under it but i'll be honest haven't looked at the gearboxes or anything on it .. I know it needs to be wired correctly as i think brotherin law killed off the hi lo switch.. but it does move forward and reverse just dog slow. any info appreciated .. i'd like to get these 2 situated before the next balloon pop derby they are going to run with them.

Just give me a call when you have time.. I'm at work 5 a to 5 p Eastern time but i should be able to take a phone call. It's not that busy today. I know the switches are acting up I guess I was chasing an identification on it more or less.. I think I may convert this one to 4wd. and yes the red one. I believe he was driving in reverse on purpose but dont quote me on it.
The good news i know what it is ... The bad news... parts yeah right.......... looks like bent axle for sure... so i'm thinking change out to PW gearboxes with some diffrent tires .... now to find a donor vehicle..... It's a BUDDY L Jeep.... already has broken headlights... Grandma ordered vinyl lettering you see all over it .....
Hoping it should be worth it. Thinking it won't be as frequently stopped by potholes and such.
Dang bunnies have holes all over the yard, and she gets hung up on em all the time with the body flex, and one wheel pulling all the juice when it's free to spin. If she's cruising, not so much, but when maneuvering, even a stupid pear stops her in her tracks =0
My grass is so short they cruise pretty good.. I keep it cut low.. At their grandmas house is another story.. she keeps the grass height kind of high and they kill batteries quick.... she has 5 acres with a drive that goes from the front all the way to the back.. told her make th boys cruise the driveway areas and you won't have to deal with dead batteries as much.... AT-Rex is now going to live there as we have the 2 KFX here at the house .. and hopefully going to oick up a coupe of cheap jeeps for derby vehicles for the boys...
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