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SWEET DONOR SCORE! =D For the Fire Rescue Jeep Project

PostPosted:Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:56 pm
by twisterdude1009
Was browsing Craigslist and dont know how I missed this listing, it was almost two months old and it was for a jeep that has all the same type parts my Fire Rescue Jeep has (It has smaller tires but they fit on the fire rescue jeep and it looks fine) Paid 20 bucks for it and got all of these parts and they all work and will direct fit on the Fire Rescue Jeep
Steering Linkage
Gear Shifter
1.2 Amp Charger
4 Tires(Tires in amazing condition)
2 775 Motors
2 7R (His Jeep had #7 gearboxes and I had planned on buying used 7R gearboxes because they are better)
Super Stoked cant wait to start trans-planting parts tomorrow! I hope my shaft collars off the police car will fit on the jeep so I dont have to go to Aces to buy more.
I would say this find saved me around 150 dollars in parts I was gonna have to buy eventually. The steering linkage, gear shifter, 7R gearboxes, and tires. plus many other parts that may fail and need to be transplanted at a later date. Gonna probably order those steel first gears and upgrade the box too =D
IF you haven't, check out my project page titled Fire Rescue Jeep Major Overhaul!

Re: SWEET DONOR SCORE! =D For the Fire Rescue Jeep Project

PostPosted:Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:44 pm
by twisterdude1009
Well I was wrong about the power wheels find! The charger is bad (only outputting 11.5 Volts and around .75 amp. Should be outputting 13+ Volts and 1.2 amps). No matter gonna run it through my step down and take it down to 7 volts to charge one of the two 6 Volt 10AH batteries I have running in series to get 12 volts. I have another 6 volt charger too, so now I can charge both 6 volt batteries, the smaller 12 volt battery and the big 12 volt battery all at the same time! Gonna test the battery on the power wheels I got yesterday, because the guy said it wouldnt charge. If the charger was only putting out 11.5 volts no wonder. If the battery is good then I just got another 12 volt 10AH battery!