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Free Barbie Jeep

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:24 pm
by Thaliagoo
I’ve seen free Power wheels on sidewalks before but they always look beat up so I never took them. I was randomly perusing Facebook when a post for free Barbie Jeep popped up. I was suspicious that it was free and didn’t want to drag junk home so I asked questions, additional photos even though it was a free item lol. The person was nice and said it was always kept indoors and photos looked good so I got it! It was less than 10 min from my house so bonus.
The Jeep is 10-15 years old but in great condition and quite clean given. I already ordered new battery and charger for it. My girls are almost 3 yo and almost 1 up so I hope this will be put to good use! I don’t have time or skills to mod anything but love reading stuff others have done!