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Garage Sale Gaucho

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:31 pm
by aztesla
After lurking on this site for months and deciding that a Gaucho was what I wanted to get my boy as his first ride I had all but given up hope of ever finding one.

On Saturday, just days after I had deleted all my craigslist alerts in disgust I noticed a house in my neighborhood having a garage sale and right up front was a pristine Gaucho!

I managed to get it for $30 and am just amazed at the condition it's in. It looks like someone bought it and immediately forgot about it in a garage or something. There is a sticker in the battery compartment that says 3/12/1992! The batteries are dead and it's missing a taillight and one tool but other than that everything is there. The motors and lights all work when I test them directly.

Other than the wire harness recall which I already ordered is there anything else I should think about doing? Am I correct in understanding that once the recall kit comes in the brake pedal is basically useless or should I keep it for the mechanical braking and just disconnect the switch under it? I worry about my kid pushing the brake and accelerator at the same time if the brake no longer cuts power to the motors...
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Also the metal pin that the brake pedal hinges on seems to be missing its top. I've circled it in red in the picture below. The bottom of the pin has a head that keeps it from falling out but the other side has nothing so it works its way out if you press the brake multiple times. Any idea what would go on this end to keep it in place?

Thanks for the help! I'm excited to start on this path to addiction...
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