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All those "freebies", almost freebies and "came up-ons" and those really good deals can go here. LOTS OF PICS WELCOME. :-)
Well...never expected to start this thread :shock: . I've down sized quite a bit....but still cant turn down a steal!

Bulk Garbage doesn't actually start until March......but I kept the title for posterity :roll: .

I've stopped looking...I never said they stopped finding me! :lol:

This was last months score...... thanks to a tip on this site (you guys are not helping me quit!!! :evil: )

I landed these on Ebay for $15.50.....for the set :shock: . 5 miles out of my way heading home :) .
Both work.... the TAT is a flipper.....not sure on the cruisin tunes....has a cracked dash.
2012 hauls 003.jpg
2012 hauls 003.jpg (44.77 KiB) Viewed 5527 times
2012 hauls 004.jpg
2012 hauls 004.jpg (60.76 KiB) Viewed 5527 times

I came home from work and found this in my driveway...I think its from the scrap guy....but not sure yet.

It works but is faded...probably parts.....maybe, the doors make me want to save it incase I do another 4x4 for my little girl. hhhmmmmmm....DOH!!!..NO...Cant! :shock: :? :roll: :oops:
2012 hauls 001.jpg
2012 hauls 001.jpg (89.38 KiB) Viewed 5527 times
2012 hauls 002.jpg
2012 hauls 002.jpg (78.6 KiB) Viewed 5527 times
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HAhahhaha. ..... Just when you think you're out, they drag you back in....Ha-cha-da-cha-cha! Yeah, I was going to lay off the "acquisitions" for a bit, but luck would have none of that. Went to the dump and something caught my eye in the back of the household bulk dumpster. Right on top freshly placed among the junk was a barbie dune beetle. Everything there and in good shape. "Mind if I grab that?".......and away I went. I figured there was something wrong like a busted gearbox, bad motor or a faulty switch......nope. Threw in a battery and off it went(flower on the dash and all). Some people. I could never just chuck something like that in the trash. I was thinking I was lucky to grab some free parts but instead we have a new addition to the family.
Gotta love that...

The one with the broken gearbox is on CL for $75 :o :shock: . The good stuf is almost always in the trash!

...and by some odd chance it really is no good....who cares! it was in the trash! :P :lol:
#53624 are so good that people just bring them to your doorstep...WOW
hkayssi wrote:Taz you need to sell me those doors ;)

I'm still wrestling with the daughters 4x4 idea. If I part it, you have dibs on the doors.
So we are off and running...First bulk garbage day of the year.

I landed a Brute Force this morning. :D :D :D Tires are good! Battery (3 yrs old)reads 12.6 volts. I think the pedal switch is shot. I will check it out later. It came with 10 pounds of wet leaves so I'm sure some switch (or two) is shot :lol: Still has the lockout screw....but some bone head forced the shifter past it....GRRRRRR. :shock: :evil:

"oh wow! lock out screw!.....what the??? DOH!" :? :evil: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sounds good...except for the shifter being forced past the screw...I don't believe I've ever seen
Nice Taz! You gonna part her out? I need some wheels. :wink:

Man, I wish we had bulk garabage day in my town. It would make it easier to find stuff. My town has the luxury of bulk
garbage day every week. "If you can drag it out to the curb, we will pick it up!"
I got it going. Had a bad switch and harness end. Battery load tested at about 55% capacity. Just fine for a play date backup.

I will probably rotate this one into the fleet and replace a smaller unit.
What is Bulk day anyway?
madmaxdecals wrote:What is Bulk day anyway?
Generally cities have 2 a year where on a particular day (same day as your regular garbage pickup) you can put out bulk items and have them picked up for free. There are size limitations, but it's a good day to get rid of old PW bodies, etc.
landon wrote:gotta ask, taz... do you just drive around on the bulk pickup days, or are you in tight with the trash men in your area? We have two bulk days a year in our town :)
+1, I gotta assume he's got a friend. I've thought about driving around on these days but 1, they're weekdays and 2, what if I drive around for hours and don't find squat, seems like a waste of gas?
thanks sig...wasn't sure...I don't get garbage picked up since I'm about 10 feet out of range...stupid
yes...and yes....

I get up at 4 am on bulk day and get to the town I work in by 5:30. Then I have until 7am to drive around. Its all close together so I only use about 2-3 gallons at the most.

Then I have a buddy that drives a garbage truck (one of three). He calls me on about 1/3 of what I missed. Some people put stuff out after 7 when I'm at work.
taz11 wrote:yes...and yes....

I get up at 4 am on bulk day and get to the town I work in by 5:30. Then I have until 7am to drive around. Its all close together so I only use about 2-3 gallons at the most.
I guess the early bird catches the battery-powered-ride-on-worm-thing...
you're an inspiration, taz.
About 9 MPG.

I have a company supplied service truck.
It was a hit! I added a 6v connector in line before I left work. The kids (play date today) wouldn't even let me take pics....they all swarmed around it and off they went....Cranks on 18v
march 002.jpg
march 002.jpg (102.48 KiB) Viewed 5353 times

My son drove around the yard yelling "I got a big quad!" over and too excited. You'd think they would get used to it by now.
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UGH!!!!!! PEOPLE wetting the ground ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our service techs came in this morning and told me that there was a "stripped" jeep leaning against a trash can down the road about 2 miles. I figured I'd take a "test drive" and see what was left.

The discovery has made me hate the general public even more!

It is a (was) a PERFECT cruisin tunes barbie Jeep. The stickers are perfect and the body has no fade and still retains its "new factory" shine........ The wheels, gearboxes, steering and wiring are gone.

Here comes the painful part :cry: :cry: :cry: . They apparently put a car battery in it. They cut the radiator area out of the body...rendering it useless. Busted both tabs off the grill and rammed drywall screws though it and the perfect hood to hold in down! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Aww man...that sucks!
So here is the one from Friday.......
hauls 001.jpg
hauls 001.jpg (59.41 KiB) Viewed 5257 times
Alteast I now have a dash for the jeep above :D

Here is the one I found on the way home from the race track on Sunday........Chaulk monster!
hauls 002.jpg
hauls 002.jpg (80.17 KiB) Viewed 5257 times
and yet the wheels still look to be in great shape... ;)
madmaxdecals wrote:and yet the wheels still look to be in great shape... ;)

Yup! ...and it had 3 batteries with it. They are junk, but they have good connectors :D . Gearboxes are good too. I suspect it wasn't used much, just sat and sunbathed.
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I find myself actually getting physically angry nowadays when I find one like that, I just think "what a waste". I just hate seeing them be left out for soooooo long like that and you can see that they were barely even played with...but at least you got some good parts from it.
WOOHOO! I just back from a test drive. I love warm spring days! (ie..spring cleaning) ;) ;)

I happened upon a Harley and a Driveway Racer at the curb!!!!

The Harley is smoked since someone hooked 12 bat directly in place of the 2 6volts...OUCH! :o

I'm hopeful about the DR. Its my first one so I'm going to see if I can get 'er going. It has a pretty bad sunburn!

Pics later
Hurry with those pics! I just saw your pm. So excited you got it going. That's awesome!!

One thing to keep in mind, you need a strong battery... Pw batteries that are old that may run in other cars won't in these, the fuse will continually blow. Mine run great on newer batteries. It took me forever to figure that out (since my pw batteries worked fine in other cars)
gotta run.... Technicly it is a GT Racer Kart.
hauls.jpg (72.91 KiB) Viewed 5174 times

I removed the buggered loop connectors that someone had added (for the lawnmower battery :o :shock: ) and wired in a stock connector. Away it drove! :D
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That's awesome!! What did your kids think? Those things have crazy steering. I ride mine and it's so fun!!

If you part that Harley can I call dibs on the tires. I need a whole collection of those spoke tires.

Have fun today I can't wait to hear how it went!!!!
The kids love it. I was thinking of taking it to the Mt Olive race.....Since it is 12 volt :lol: :lol: :lol:

...but then one is at a disadvantage and that wont fly to good on the home front.
you can take my other one. My boy just looks at it, maybe if he sees he is getting past by his own car he will want to use it. I would bring it if I didn't think my kid would rear end someone and end up under them.

That would be funny though, just when they think they have fair rules you show up with a "stock 12 volt"
Hmmmmmm... I'll send you a pm when the day gets closer.
Nice finds Taz!
I just landed a 6v JD tractor out of a "spring cleanup" bag. Looks complete except the hood. Mostly nice shape.

Pics later...I'll probably part this one since a new hood is probably worth more than the rest of the toy!

I might try to add the soundbox to my 12v unit. Sounds and lights work.
The think is about the racer is they literally don't run on anything beside concrete/asphalt. You need to start looking for another, you have to have 2... Im going to start my other one here soon
Here is a pic of the tractor along side the jeep I found at the curb last night....
hauls 4-12 001.jpg
hauls 4-12 001.jpg (65.79 KiB) Viewed 5069 times
and the escalade I found this morning.
hauls 4-12 002.jpg
hauls 4-12 002.jpg (59 KiB) Viewed 5069 times
hauls 4-12 003.jpg
hauls 4-12 003.jpg (67.96 KiB) Viewed 5069 times

The jeep is another chaulk monster.....BAD!!!

The Escalade has been stipped of its wheels and gearboxes... :o :shock: DANG IT! It still has some nice parts on it so it's still a good find. The body is rough so no second thoughts about parting this one. :D

...Oh yeah...., who is the moron who put the headlight stickers on the OUTSIDE of the clear lenses? :evil: :roll:
#58720 found my escalade....wait...did you just call me a moron?
Cell phone rings........ "Hello" Voice on the other end... "Whassup?!!!!........Third street, Big Jake"

:D :D :D Pics later :D :D :D
Big Jake.....
hauls 4-12 003.jpg
hauls 4-12 003.jpg (75.4 KiB) Viewed 5026 times

Plus extras......
hauls 4-12 004.jpg
hauls 4-12 004.jpg (70.91 KiB) Viewed 5026 times
Never enough wrote:That big jake is nice, it even has the grill. I can't believe what people will throw away.
That rc truck also looks like a monster if thats a standard pallet its on

Yeah, its mini quad size. No luck getting it to work.....but it makes a nice sandbox toy :D
That is a nice looking Big Jake...great find
As some of you know, I was at Disney last week. No computer, no phone :D :D .

Well...I had my phone for emergencies....but it was turned off....and ignored.

So the wife and I split up to take the kids to separate rides. When I went to call her to find out where she was at I noticed the missed(ignored) call at 5:50 am........From the garbage man! :o :o :o KRAP!

Now at 1..something pm I called him back and left a message that I was at Disney and didn't get it.

Shortly after I got a text "It's in your shop, the lady in the office opened the door for me" :D :D :D :D

It's a blue Ninja.....Looks real good until you look close.

Body is cracked in half, Front axles are bent, gear boxes are blasted.......The wheels, fairing and seat are good! :oops: :oops: ...And it has a battery(connector) and charger.
hauls 4-30 004.jpg
hauls 4-30 004.jpg (83.34 KiB) Viewed 4842 times
hauls 4-30 005.jpg
hauls 4-30 005.jpg (75.2 KiB) Viewed 4842 times
hauls 4-30 006.jpg
hauls 4-30 006.jpg (48.11 KiB) Viewed 4842 times
What do people do to these things?!...never mind...don't want to know.

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