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All those "freebies", almost freebies and "came up-ons" and those really good deals can go here. LOTS OF PICS WELCOME. :-)
By SAHDman
I'm curious what your favorite finds were or what is your best PW hunting story. I'm still a rookie at this but my favorite one so far is my Barbie Beach Party jeep with the Escalade wheels on it that I scored for $20. A close second is the Eliminator I snagged with a perfect light/sound bar.

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By Whitepup
I have a few, but it seems the more I do this, the more memorable the finds are getting. My fav was when I scored a $25 Grave Digger, Gas Go Cart for $100, the Perfect red tractor for $20 and the MINT Peg Quad for $50. Oh, and the free Peg Quad :shock:
The Wild Thing that we purchased at a garage sale. I asked the owner (lady) if she had the charger. She looked at me in disbelief stating they make a charger for these things.Then she stated that I always just went out and purchased a new battery when the kids ran it down. :( not so cool for here funds but to be her trash man. :) :) They had owned it for over 4 years. Ouch! There has been several freebies but this one always makes me chuckle everytime I think about it.
my last find was the best deal, ad said it was a unused f150 and when i got there it was still in the box! Ihave an entire $35 invested in it now
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My Ferrari F1 I picked up last year was probably my favorite. I traded a Free Jazzy jeep and a $10 or $20 4 wheeler for it. I did trade them with brand new batteries and with the chargers that came with them.

And my second favorite was when I picked up the gaucho grande and Jeep Hurricane for $20 each from the same place :mrgreen:
Our Hi Torque Gaucho for sure ;) it was our 1st Pegperego ride on! almost two & a half years ago [ how time flys]
it was a reply to my free cycle wanted add & a two+ hour round trip to pick up . I then worked on it the 1st night till almost 3am in the morning , Alarm set for 5am to start work :oops: .

with countless hours in Modifications & fixes it still going strong & close to 100 ride on's gone through our house this is still the favorite.

coming in 2nd place has to be our JD Gaucho , just becuase it was so much luck to win it on ebay for so cheap[$35]
& happen to have friends that were on holidays just near where it was , then bring it home over 1000 miles
I have still never seen a single one for sale Austrlia wide
the 1st night
2010421135931_sidehitorque.jpg (40.65 KiB) Viewed 2053 times
still going strong with a 24v esc & plenty of LEDs
P08-05-12_09.02.JPG (50.21 KiB) Viewed 2053 times
John Deere Gaucho
JD JEEP RIGHT SIDE.jpg (91.51 KiB) Viewed 2053 times
My most memorable finds were my 3 Gauchos...2 silver editions and a Rockin'. Paid $40, $60, and $200 for the Rockin' came with 2 new batteries, charger, instruction manual, and in almost mint condition....good days
Oh and the Grave Digger for $50 bucks was pretty sweet
There are several. Each of my Gaucho jeeps (all were being called a "power wheel jeep" and were FREE. The skid steer I drove aover 100 miles to get and had to take a truck load of other BAttery operated toys to get it when I got there. (I just hated that). The worksite gator that was junked at a clients office because the tires wore out (garage kept and everything worked including the power dump.) And most recently the 24 volt Peg ranger Rzr WITH working battery. No charger, but the battery just needs a charge and everything else works except the radio and I haven't tried it yet. This one has both boys hoppin! I can no let some of the smaller toys go and keep the BIG ones. (The wife is VERY excited about this too.)

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