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All those "freebies", almost freebies and "came up-ons" and those really good deals can go here. LOTS OF PICS WELCOME. :-)
I posted about this initially in the "pics" thread but I think this may be a more appropriate place for it. I've taken some pics of the actual car. Specs are as follows
36" steel body, steel frame, single motor/gearbox 6V
Brand is "National" Which still makes PW type cars
I'm not sure of the date of this car but I'm thinking late 70s, early 80s.
The over all condition is as good or better than the pics.
There are no scratches in the red paint or dents in the metal frame.
I found the forward/rev switch to be broken so I bypassed it to only run in fwd.
I spliced a 12v battery to a 6v connector and it moves about as fast as a dual motor 12v in high gear.
It's got a working horn and turn signals light up when it's pressed.
Pretty neat little toy but I'd prefer a Jeep for my little guy as It will be run mostly in the grass.
Any conneseurs out there know anything about this thing? Value? History?
Enjoy the pics.
vw1.JPG (184.11 KiB) Viewed 1056 times
VW2.JPG (156.78 KiB) Viewed 1056 times
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By chevyiiguy
i just found one this weekend they are really cool i cant find anything online about them but i found the same body as a pedal car on ebay listed for like $700 ive seen the electrc ones sol on ebay for like 50 but they are super cool a my little guy loves it. have fun wth it.
I saw a pretty busted up one go for $80 on ebay with $40 shipping. Considering you can't get new parts for this toy, I'd imagine a fully in-tact example would fetch a premium. I did have to remove the rear traction bands as the 12v torque was causing dragster-style wheelies which may have been a bit much for my 2 year old. If it's only worth $50 I'd rather weld on a lift kit, add beffier running gear and pneumatics and make it a propper dune beetle. I'd hate to tear apart a valuable toy, though so I'd like an accurate appraisal. If it's worth a couple hundred, I'll pick up a jeep and toughen that up.
By chevyiiguy
when you find out please let me know i was gonna do a dune bug out of mine if it was only a couple bucks. i am gonna wait to find out more about it.
That's interesting that you're planning the same mod to the same rare car as me. I can't help but consider the possibility that chevyiiguy might be personality created by my own psyche to justify the fact that I own an Aveo

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