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All those "freebies", almost freebies and "came up-ons" and those really good deals can go here. LOTS OF PICS WELCOME. :-)

New wheels were put on last spring! Working automatic dump bed, with charger and working battery!!! :D :D :D

Ordering a windshield to make it complete.

One question: What is it worth? More that the usual $240 that I sell Gators for? Less? Will I get more from Ebay or CL?

What do you guys think?
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I would think you should be able to get at least $30 more for one with a working electric dump. If not, pull the sucker out and sell it separately. Since it's no longer an available part. It's in high demand.
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Thanks for the info Wiz. I will keep the lift on it, and try to get $260.
You can do it! I think you can get that much for it for sure if not more with a working dump bed...great find!
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