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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
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By wesleyb82
An ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) system uses a variable speed motor controller which adds a variable throttle and separate brake pedal. The primary purpose of the ESC setup is to replace the factory on/off setup with a variable/gradual start which will level out amp spikes, wheel spinning and rider whiplash. Simply adding another battery to the factory setup can possibly damage the factory motors and gearboxes but absolutely will make the car jerkier, harder to control and less comfortable for riders. The primary fundamental flaw in the factory Power Wheels design is the on/off throttle and despite the gimmicks available (such as the first metal gear or motor heatsinks & fans) an ESC is the only true solution to this problem. Without a ESC soft start the motors can overheat and fail, the gearboxes can be damaged and the wheels will wear out very quickly. But, not only will an ESC system help the factory parts last but will completely change the operation and make for a more capable and controllable machine and allow for more advanced driver techniques and more fun!

24v Full Featured/Traditional ESC Kit
  • Main Features:
    Variable Throttle
    Separate Brake Pedal
    Easy Accessory Addons (LEDs, etc)
24v 1,000w ESC Kit (DIY or Plug & Play):
*These are overhaul kits that can take 30m (Plug&Play) to 4 hours (DIY) to install. They are best for tight areas and or technical/advanced driving as these allow for the most control*

24v “EASY ESC” Kits
  • Main Features:
    Compatible with Power Wheels/Peg and “Big Cars Green Country” AKA “Best Choice” Chinese brand cars
    Uses factory controls but has two dials adjust acceleration (1-5 sec) and top speed (0-100% of battery voltage)
    Brake activates automatically when the pedal is released
    Easy Accessory Addons (LEDs, etc)
*World’s first of its kind! These kits are very simple to install and can take as little as 30 minutes to plug into the cars (no cutting or crimping!). They do not provide the level of control compared to the full/traditional ESC kit since there is no variable throttle and separate brake pedal, BUT, the speed and acceleration can be set to dial in the appropriate performance for the rider/environment. It's very easy to dial in a smooth start up with will eliminate wheel spin, stop whiplash and leads to a smooth ramp up which makes the car faster and more enjoyable for riders while greatly reducing demand on gearboxes and motors. This kit is best for open areas (due to on/off power), inexperienced drivers (simple controls) and provides excellent bang for the buck & very easy installs.*

Power Wheels/Peg “EASY ESC” Kit:
"Best Choice" “EASY ESC” Kit: ... est_Choice
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By wesleyb82
Yeah I'm trying to find time to do that. I am interested to see the results as well especially the force required to compress the pedals. Also btw I have a couple new pedals which I will compare... it'll be up soon
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By taz11
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By taz11
Looks like you spent some time on these and they answer alot of the questions that are commonly asked.

2 cents on the BaneBots motor spacers... If you use Lexan instead of plexi, the cracking issue should go away. The nylon washers sound like a durable alternative also.
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Maybe, I missed it in the videos, but I would love to have a speed comparison or close estimate.

Example- Stock mustang 4.5mph
Stock Mustang 24v esc x.xmph
24v ESC Mustang banebots x.xmph

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By wesleyb82
This is a great question but unfortunately since I literally have a closet full of parts we do not have anything remotely stock so although I plan to show a stock vs 24v ESC video comparison I do not have that at this time. Until then maybe someone else out there with both could answer this question or even better post a video comparison. I havn't clocked any of our rides but generally speaking you are roughly doubling your speed with 24v ESC. But, a couple things to note is the controller does not allow for 100% of the power to pass through and the Banebots have a slightly lower RPM per volt compared to stock or other 500 series motors. So although you gain torque (with Banebots), reliability and overall versatility (with ESC) you slightly loose a little top end. Another thing to consider is changing the gearbox tooth count and even tire size (if that's even a possibility based on your body style) to make up a little speed. In the end though there is a huge gain in speed (amongst many other things, like control) so I would take this with a grain of salt.
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By taz11
This may be a bit off topic but it seems to fit with some of the questions. The BaneBots motors have some serious torque but they also draw some serious amps. An ESC limits the amp draw and puts the Kabosh on some of that torque. It seems that, to get the full potential out of them, an esc bypass button it the ticket. The esc gets you up to speed without shredding the gearboxes and the button bypasses the esc for short periods of time when the torque is really needed. The bypass button is still in the works. I'm not sure if anyone has completed one yet. In theory it uses a DPDT relay to wire the motors directly to the batteries, bypassing the limits of the esc.
By Deek
This might just be a stupid question, I have tried to find an informative topic on it with no luck I could see..

I am looking into a ESC setup for both my kids ride on's as I noticed they are not to keen with the jolting tarts and stops. (seems to kill their fun and makes my youngest get a scared crapless look on his face)

Q: Has anyone successfully did a 4wd esc upgrade or is it even possible? I have a fair understanding of how the setup works and have read into a few of the topics.

I jut thought since it was not a question that was posted on the Q&A section on the 1st post. maybe no one had ever asked about it & or never posted their luck with trying it.. Any feed back would be great
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By toycrusher
#132465 ... IC_ID=2485


Swhenrick may have been the first to ever install an ESC in a Powerwheels, and his method of doing so was pretty ingenious. ;)
By Sven37
4WD...... Don't tempt me. It might be a little un-American, but a 4WD Mustang would be good in the dirt!

Seriosuly though, great thread and vids Wesley, keep it up!
By Deek
Thanks Toy that was pretty good info, Atleast for the part that I know it can be done now. I haven't decided what I will be attempting this on.. Might be a second Grave digger.. Or if I can find any Jeeps. But knowing it can be done now makes me a very happy person... When I was young power wheels were just starting to come out. hopefully my kids can enjoy them even more than I did since it they have technology on their side
By tbird2340
What type of wire connectors does everyone use and where do you get them? I've gotten some cheap ones off eBay and have had issues with them not crimping properly, etc..
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By toycrusher
Just thought I'd chime in.
Dual parallel controllers was a horrible idea. The more sensetive controller does all the work stressing that gearbox excessively. Makes it essentially 1wd on takeoff at times
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By GrandpaChar
Several weeks ago I bought an Eastcoastpowerup ESC for our Grandkids 24v DuneRacer.

It went in just as described and it works VERY well. There is no longer that tremendous jerking, wheel spinning, head snapping start and with the wheel sliding stop.

The stopping is gentle, depending on how the dial is turned, which effectively has eliminated the sudden, wheel sliding stop common to the original factory set up in these cars.

Regarding the dial on the dashboard; if the car does not go, the passenger, in our case our almost 3 year old Granddaughter, has reached up and turned the knob down. Our Grandson runs it around 2-3 seconds delay at 100% power. This gives it an equipment saving start/stop without all the suddenness inherent in the original cars.

I also have taken up a lot of Wesley's time with questions about making these things go better and faster and within 8-12 hours he has helped me out.

I really appreciated his help along the way on this project and when the time comes around to build another one, I will be buying my controller and whatever else is needed to make it work from him again.

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