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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
Got a dune racer pretty sure I've been working on forever "mainly cause I can't stop moddingπŸ˜†" but I have been working on
a 24v LBD 14 install. I was setting it up using wesleyb02 diagram and video on the video info page..
Well, after everything has been connected (not yet installed) all I'm getting out of it is one direction only..
Basically if I switch the motor connections I can get forward or reverse, but only one or the other. I can unplug the shifter (H L R)
and it doesn't matter, still runs, still only one speed one direction, same with the brake, no response.. I'm more of a body mod guy, but I know enough to have checked the main things, getting 24v from the pilot conn, ect.. what I don't have great knowledge in is the realys, and why the diagram only has 2 connections going to the shifter when we have a HLR shifter? All connections and equipment used are exact to diagram other than the ignition (just used a 2 way switch)
Anyone know why I'm getting nothing from the shifter and brake?
Thanks all..

With these diagrams, they only work if you follow it exactly. You probably don't have a complete path to ground for the relays. It's tough to say without seeing exactly how you have it connected.

It sounds like you have left the original wiring from the shifter to the motors. That's mostly ok, you can skip the fwd/rev relay in that case. However, you do still need the brake relay and you need to connect it as in the diagram.
Hi toy, no actually I did replace every wire, even have done it twice now just to see if I had missed anything or had a bad wire, hence the wiring being everywhere now in the attached pic... lol. used 16ga on the "accessories" connections and 12 on all power and ground leads on relays and batteries..even took another shifter out of a pw jeep just to see what would happen, but no change. What do I did a lot of reading last night on how the relays work, so I have a handle on that now, just not sure what I'm missing... thanks!!

lowtone2977 wrote:Oh, and the coil connections on the relays are just disconnected because I was testing at the time..
:lol: :lol: :lol: No easy troubleshooting this one... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Your relays look wired properly. Do they click when you move the shifter forward and reverse? Or when you hit the brake pedal? Please post the diagram you are using.
Lol exactly πŸ”«πŸ”«..
Well.. it's basically this without the lights and charger conn..


I couldn't find the schematic he uses on tge install video so I just took snap shots of it πŸ˜†πŸ˜† and created a follow along note book..

I can't get over the feeling I'm missing something but I can't figure out wth it is.. lol.. seeing as how I tried replacing the shifter with another one and still nothing is it possible I have a problem with the brake? Although i checked contunity and it checked ok.. πŸ”«πŸ”« Should I just go with wiring the brake and pedal to the esc? And if so does anyone have a diagram to do that with only the 2 relays instead of the 3 I keep seeing?
HAHAHAHAA... OK.. MY STUPIDITY... LOL. next time I probably wanna check and make sure I have a VDC relay hooked up and not a VAC relay. Shoot me.. lol.. Thx for the help toy, made me think and and recheck myself

I was wondering if it mattered if a relay was rated ac or dc... guess that answers it :lol: Before getting to your last post I was going to ask if you were using 12 or 24v relays so I guess I was sort of on the right track :roll: :lol:
Yeah it obviously does.. lol. Did some research and it makes sense.. ac current is of course constantly changing, DC is constant, so the setup of the relays seems to be different.. well lesson learned I guess.. lol. Btw.. anyone know where to get these lol?
EBay. 12v 30a dpdt has worked fine for me. Shouldn't pay more than $9 ea shipped
Yeah I looked there, couldn't find a 30A.. will recheck.. I have found one at one of my old suppliers (I am a buyer by trade and used to deal in electrical supplies) so I get connectors dirt cheap πŸ˜„.
He's checking to see what he has and what kind of deal I can get.. seems like most suppliers don't go over 20a unless u wanna go to china.. guess it's time to reconnect with some of my old contacts.. lol.
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By sall
Put your relay harness on the bench or easy place to test. Connect 24v to simulate output from ESC to [brake] relay 1 and put DMM on the [reverse] relay 2 outputs to motors. You should see 24v. Then trigger the [reverse] relay coil and you should see the polarity switch on the DMM. Wiring the relays is an easy task but also easy to switch something up.
Well, didn't even have to get that far. The motor out leads from the esc are working fine, reading 24+v off of them, but when I pulled the leads from rev relay and test I'm getting nothing coming out going to the motors.. to which I can't figure out why, unless I have something backwards but not sure how I followed video to a tee, but I know that doesn't necessary mean anything.. lol.. see attached pics, brake relay on our left, rev or right. Thanks πŸ˜†


Strange. Looks like the centers are the common terminal. Meaning you would want your motor output connected to the center terminals and your leads from the brake relay coming into one side of outer terminals, the crossed jumpers to the other outer set.
Yeah.. that's exactly what I thought.. isn't that odd??.. hum.. guess I'll have to redraw that schematic or I'll just get darn confused and who knows what I'll end up doing... lol. Ok I'll give it a shot tonight and see what happens, if it works I'll post the schematic in case someone else runs across this who isn't an electrical expert like I think some of you guys on here are πŸ˜„
Yep.. that was it.. oddly enough when I first moved the 2 sets of jumpers the reverse relay got a little hot, kinda highly warm really, so for the heck of it I swapped them out and seemed fine.. is that normal? Anyway, yall are the thanks for the help. I'll put a schematic up when I get it done, all my notes last night were about 10 pages and no one but me could read it πŸ˜†
Great to hear you got it going! :)
Yeah. I DID.. then burned up the left side motor.. LOL.. it has traxxas 550s in it, and this is the second time it's burned up the left side which is obviously the reverse side, motor.. so I think it's time to switch to the banebot 775s.. odd how it keeps burning up that side but I'm guessing 24v is too much on those motors, hence the reason I haven't posted a schematic yet.. back to the work bench.. lol
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