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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
I would like to use a thumb throttle but have the brake wired as a momentary push switch that works when the throttle is released. So basically it would rest against the throttle when throttle is released instead of using the foot pedal to reduce full throttle starts by accident...or "neutral drops".

I would like the option of adding a 2nd controller if needed if I was to run into high current issues with the few hills I have. They aren't too steep but with 2 kids on board it may overload a single controller.

I would also like to keep reverse if possible, will try the stock 350W motors as well as the Banebot 775....should be fun.

Your plan is good. The neutral drop is a problem my rides suffer from. Dual ESC is not difficult, just double the relays, one set per motor. I look forward to your progress.
The 24v 500w controller in the kit is good when you are upgrading a 12v ride to 24v. Perego 12v motors running at 24v are rated around 700w combined. But they are not built to run on 24v so limiting the max power to 500w is being safe. But the Perego 24v motors already draw 700w so the 24v 500w controller will not be big enough. Use two of them or go to a 800w controller.
Can the neutral drop be eliminated by wiring the brake pedal switch into the ESC brake connector? When the brake pedal is released does the ESC "ramp up" or just go 100% if the throttle is on? My guess is the cheap esc's just go full on and neutral drop. I always use separate brake relays and never wire the esc brake connector so I don't know. Eliminating neutral drop is easier in a jeep because the kids can be taught to only use one foot on the controls. Harder on a quad. More expensive controllers probably have ramping functions.
Years ago members had trouble with frying controllers when using the brake. I don't think anyone has experimented with it since then. I like the throttle switch idea.

Biggest killer I've had is actually the peg reverse switch. Since they have to be held in position, my kids have the problem of hitting the gas hard in reverse, getting pushed forward by the force, and having the shifter slip back to forwards, slamming the gears and defeating the whole purpose of the ESC. In retrospect, I would have saved tons of money going with more expensive ESCs with reverse instead of killing all the motors and gearboxes.
Super power has micro switches in the shifter. The Polaris is just a big forward reverse two position switch unfortunately
dka56 wrote:So will that 2 position switch just swap polarity? I suppose worst case I could use a relay to change polariry.
Yes that's what the switch does
toycrusher wrote:
dka56 wrote:So will that 2 position switch just swap polarity? I suppose worst case I could use a relay to change polariry.
Yes that's what the switch does
Sorry for the late reply.....but doesn't the switch only control the relay? Looks like the FWD/REV lever isn't a high-load carrying circuit.

I'm looking to use either a single 1000W or dual 800 watt controller setup, just looking to get everything in order.
I doubted myself for a while there, had to research MY OWN projects :lol:

So yes, just as I thought :? I'm running the stock shift switch at 36v with no problems... yet :lol:

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