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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
By tbird2340
I have (2) 24V Gauch Grande's.. I've had issues with both having some wires melt down at one point to bare wire..

I don't know what gauge wire I used but it was pretty thick..

I wired both them up with the 2 Relay method for reverse and break, if that matters.

Anyone else have this happen to them and is the solution thicker wire or what?


Sure sounds like a lack of fuse protection to me!
I've put too much $ in food down the toilet through my kids butt not to protect it.
Next time those wires may touch, start a fire, and be quite similar to a Napalm bath. I'm not so sure how funny that will be, or how calm anyone else looking will be.

The norm is 30 amp. It's far cheaper than the emergency room! Or even just the ride there.

As I've read before, kids are too expensive to replace, I'm not dealing with another 9 months of my wife like that, just cuz she broke the first one.
Too much festival food?
Maybe it's sugar from funnel cakes and cotton candy.

Or just cuz that's how I feel? It's the truth tho.
BBQ & brew, and cover that butt that you raised from a simple seed!
Must be the mother in me? :-p
By Rob222
Some wires have a thick outer layer but may still be thinner gauge core than needed. Make sure you are using at least 12ga (the lower the number the thicker the wire) for a 24v ride. If you can confirm the wire size (it should be printed on the wire) you may have solved you own issue. As stated above, if your wires are getting to the point of melting you really need a fuse or breaker to protect against that. Adding a fuse is not a fix but is intended to protect against damage like that.
The wires are 10GA.. I do have a fuse.. But maybe not enough or in the right spot? I just have this circuit breaker that does the connection between my two batteries:

"Blue Sea Systems Push Button Reset Only Quick Connect 40A Circuit Breaker"
By Rob222
Best practice is to keep the fuse as close to the batteries as you can to protect the most amount of wiring. You should be ok there. A 30amp fuse will not solve the melting wire issue only prevent it. A lower fuse may prevent damage but is not a fix. If you are really melting 10ga wiring you have another problem. The Gaucho Grandes are stock with 12v motors. By going to 24v you have doubled the wattage but 10ga wire is pretty big.

You have replaced all wiring with 10ga ?
Can you post pictures of your wiring, connections, relays ..... that may help a lot.

I have some 12v Gauchos running 18v with the stock wiring and it's marginal at best. Upgraded to relays and 12ga wiring the 12v Gauchos are fine on 18v. Our Gauchos that are upgraded to 24v all run an ESC and 12ga wiring and work well also.
By Mordedura
If the insulation melts off the entire length of the wire there are two possible issues: one would be that your draw (amperage) is very high (unlikely because you're not doing anything that unusual) or too high for the wire you've used (also unlikely if you're using 10ga). The other is that you have an intermittent short circuit (highly likely). Adding a fuse or circuit breaker near the power source would help protect you from this problem.

If the insulation is melting off near a connection point that means you have a high resistance connection that needs attention. A fuse or circuit breaker will not necessarily protect you from this type of localized heating.
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