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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
First post here, absolutely love this site! A wealth of knowledge and great people sharing it! Well, thanks to all of you, I'm hooked!
I am looking to fix what's not broken, yet....
The Hurricane is already a pig as far as weight is concerned and with its current mods it's carrying two 12v 18amp batteries and a plethora of add ons. Upgraded the motors and gearboxes last year after breaking the original set.

Picked up a set of (4) 20" x 8" x 10" Turf Tires w/rims on sale. The stock outer half of the wheel fits perfect inside the rim as a hub cap. 8-) I know, overkill, and how the heck is a 5 year old supposed to turn them?! (that's what my wife said LOL) I'll figure that out when I get there!
Will be building a frame and would like to put a single scooter motor in it turning a live axle. I'm looking mostly for hill climbing torque with these monsters, but would still like to see around 10-12mph top speed if possible. (approximately 200rpm at axle I believe)
Looking at reduction geared scooter motors currently. How many watts should I be looking for? And matching controller? (still want stock shifter and reverse functional)
Was hoping to just run a 24v set up, but am not against 36v or what ever will make it work best!

Thank you all in advance for any input! Your help is greatly appreciated!
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