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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
I purchase the YK31C controller and wired up my dune race exactly how this is shown Image . As soon as I hit the switch the wheels spun at full speed and I turned the switch off. Now nothing. If I turn the switch on and put the vehicle in revers is see R2 and R3 energize so there is power. I check connections and everything. Where do I begin the diagnosis? I want to see if the ESC is a bad one or if something is else is bad.

Update** I noticed the wires on the Hall affects cable and the ESC don't match up. This is out the wires line up
Controller side red----white Hall Affects Side

Update 2** I fixed the wire order and spoke with eastcoastpowerup and he said that should have fried the ESC. He said alot of times when they fry they go full throttle. I will have a new one sent but if anyone else has suggestions for me to check let me know please.

Could this be part of the problem?

Thank You
It's really awesome that you came back to post a follow up. Too often people don't post the resolution and it's of no help to the next person. We hope to see much more from you here at MPW 8-)
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