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So my brother in law and I are trying to get a variable speed switch wired up. I took the switch out of an old ryobi like everyone is saying on the forums. All the switch has is two wires in, red and black, and two wires out, red and black.

When we dismantled the gator, there are red and blue coming from the battery, obviously power and ground. Then, from the other end of things, there is a white and blue wires. We figured out the blue is ground and the whte splits to the motors through the speed/reverse control module. Below is the wiring diagram for the gator. It seems so frickin simple but when we had the switch plugged in to the gator, it worked but it was FULL ON and we didn't even have to press the trigger to make it work. We pulled the trigger and it would shut it off, but we could not get the trigger to turn the power on to the motors.

We eventully fried the trigger on accident so we are waiting for a couple more to come in. Any help on getting this wired up properly would be awesome. We are so lost and it seems so simple! Thank you!

Image ... wiring.jpg

Hello everyone! I've been enjoying this forum for a while now and finally decided to join because I couldn't stand it, I just had to improve my 2 year old sons ride! Just when I thought I had found the answers to my problem, you guys went a different route! But I still have the exact same problem/question: Which wire on my Ryobi variable switch goes to which wire on the Peg Gator to make it operate correctly? As was stated; there are red and blue wires coming from the Gator battery, they are the power and ground. Red is positive, Blue is ground. Then, from the other end of the wire harness on the Gator there are white and blue wires. The blue is ground and goes into the speed/reverse control module. The white goes to the motors through the speed/reverse control module.

It looks like to me like I should connect:

B+ Red wire from the switch to the Red positive wire from the gator battery.
B- Black wire from the switch to the Blue ground wire from the Gator battery.

At that point I’m lost.

I think I need to connect:

M1 Red wire from the top of the switch to the White wire on the Gator prior to the speed/reverse control module?
M2 Black wire on the top of the switch to the Blue wire going into the speed/reverse control module?

I want the speed/reverse control to continue to function.
What are the correct connections to the switch from the gator?
If you could tell me what color wires to connect togeather, and/or lable them in the attached pictures,that would really help!

Thanks in advance, Spoondog
Ryobi Variable speed switch wire label.jpg
Ryobi switch showing 4 wires and lables.
Ryobi Variable speed switch wire label.jpg (167.71 KiB) Viewed 6636 times
Stock Gator wire diagram.jpg
Stock Gator Wiring Harness Diagram
Stock Gator wire diagram.jpg (66.25 KiB) Viewed 6636 times
Not sure anyone's "listening" to this post\thread anymore, but Spoondog did you ever get the wiring figured out?

I recently received a used Polaris 700 4-Wheeler and I'm looking to perform the same variable speed switch upgrade. The wiring on my sons 4-wheeler is the same as the "Stock Gator Wiring Harness Diagram" you posted so the mod should be the same. Like you I’m scratching my head as to which wire goes to which and where.

Thanks in advance if anyone is still there! ;)
You would need to convert to a power wheels style shifter. Drill switch in line to shifter, motor leads out. :)
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