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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
By AkBurk
Hi There,

I've been reviewing all sorts of things on here for a week now. Honestly, I'm overwhelmed. My son has the P/W Blue Jeep (6v): ... 9-shipped/

I bought the P/W 12v grey battery charger and obviously need to update the connectors which fit the 12v battery. I'm having a difficult time determining exactly how to do this and what needs to be done exactly.

From my current understanding I need the following:
The correct connector on the jeep. Cut the 6v off and connect the 12v male connector.
-What specific connector do I need? I see there are older and newer types.
-Is this the only connector I'll need since the battery I bought has the female connector built in?
-when connecting this 12v connector, do I use a specific type of wire-connector? A certain rating as well?
-Must I add anything else or is this sufficient?

I saw in a post that adding a remote keychain shut off is a good idea for younger kids. Does anyone have information on how to do this? What is specifically used?

Thank you so much for your help!

By whkwt184
The link opens a bed in a bag. not a Blue jeep :) Do you have 1 motor/gearbox or 2? If you only have 1 you may want to look into getting another one to add to the other side of the vehichle.

If you bought a grey 12 volt battery you need a stock PW vehichle side plug. ( I may have on let me check) Cut the current connector off and get some wire connectors to crimp the new 12v side on and your good to go for 12 volts. The stock batteries have a thermal fuse inside so no need to add one inline.

As far as adding remote kill switch i will see if i can find the thread on how to do this.

Here you go.................

By AkBurk
Thx so much! Ya if you have the plug and/or the motor/gearbox ill buy them from you right away. Sorry about the link :). Thx again for your help!
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By rhoades7
Just my two cents, im dreaming for the day I can use one.

My problem is that my is to little top be trusted with driving when I bed him to, he gets flustered as we cross intersections and the like. Also, he gets moving waaaay to fast in his Francesco f1 to stop by dragging non drive wheel.

I actually installed a bracket and lead under the car to keep a zip line dog leash, that I can unclip when we're back on our property.
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By rhoades7
Sorry, lots of edits for later.

Referring to the remote kill and braking, as well as forcing my little one to go when needed. He gets flustered when rushed.

My very newbie opinion, when you modify a car to go faster, it generally is carrying an older, larger child or at speeds not intended. Proportionally, it brakes the same way, using the single drive motor/tire.

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