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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
as written in the subject I need help to upgrade the battery of my son's quad, from 6v to 12v, if possible of course.

I have this model of quad (Peg Perego, Italy):
The battery is:

I would like to buy and fit a 12v battery but I do not know which one I must take and where find it

I do not know where to start. I tried to read some threads but I'm just a neophyte. :?

I thank anyone who can put me on the right track. ;)

I'm not familiar with that one. You are limited by the room under the seat. Check out I'm guessing about a 12v10ah. They have dimensions on the website so you can make sure they fit. 12v 7ah would probably work also. The higher the AH the bigger the battery, but the longer it will run between charges.
Hi taz11,
thanks for your reply.
I've searched on the gruberpower site and I have found this battery: ... ah-battery
You think is good for me ?

I guess I should also change the battery charger with a 12v. That's right? Any one 12v would be fine?

Alternatively, on amazon, I found these two articles:
Will you help me figure out if they could be good or not?

Battery charger:
(current battery charger I own has just the same connector at the bottom as shown in the amazon one)

Thank you.
You are very kind.
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