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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
Hi all,
My daughter has this small Fiat 500 6V car sold by Imaginarium, manufactured either by Peg Perego or Motorama Jr. (we live in Europe so the models might be a bit different)
It uses a 6V 7AH battery and has a small motor going to the gearbox on one of the rear wheels. I removed the motor, hoping to find the model name to look up the datasheet for it, but the motor had no markings :(
If I just stick in a 12V pack, would the motor hold (how does it work with these 6V motors manufacturers use, do they usually have the capacity to work at 12V)?
Thank you,

I have put 12v on those little motors.

You just have to be careful with these things:
Is there a board, if so, probably not a good idea.
Put a fuse on it!
The wiring might get hot.
The acceleration switch may not be able to handle 12v's.

Hope that helps!
Many will hold up at 12v. Can't say for sure though. The way I see it, even if it burns up, it wasn't very fun at 6v anyway :lol: :twisted:
Hello. I recently installed a 12 v battery to my sons little jeep. The jeep has more power for sure and tire spins fast while lifted in air, but when my son gets in it and pushes the pedal, the motor is revving but the wheel doesn't move.

Some info... I bought the jeep used, battery was fried so I put 12v sealed battery in it. Has 30 amp fuse on hot wire. Besides that not any changes. Could it be gear box or something?

And sorry to jack your thread, I'm new here and couldn't figure how to make a new thread so I found similar.

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