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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
By tekman-mx
I have purchased a Lambo 93 for my son, as you know its a 6v car but I have plugged a 12v and my son and I we are very happy. I have have to run to be at his side!! :P

Ive read on this forum I need a 12v 12ha battery, so thats what we got.

My question is:
Can I use a 12v 3ah charger on this battery?
How many time? Or what charger do I need?

Thanks for your help guys!

By tafpowerwheel
any 12v sla would work the 12ah is just how long it runs on a charge. I would suggest a schumacher charger from Lowes. Theyre about 20 and its a 1.5 a charger. I wouldn't go over 2amps for a charger. High amp chargers can boil the battery.
By Suburbancharlie77
No no no!
What batteries do you own?
Plan to get in the future??

Is great

As is this.

Both will charge a 6 or 12 volt. The first one comes with the "proper" connectors to charge peg or power wheels, and also allows you to use ANY KIND OF ADAPTER to charge any other kind of 6 or 12V batteries, be it in a car, boat, tractor, sump pump, solar system, ANYTHING!
They are 6 OR 12 volt automatically switches, and push at up to 3 amp, to charge quicker than stock chargers, without cooking the battery. You can connect it today, and come back next year, and all is fine.
Some day you will be getting the 6v to boost the speed to 18v. Getting either or both will accomplish what you need for the toy, and then some.
I believe he meant about $20!
By tekman-mx
I have a 12v 12ah battery on a 6v Lambo. Motors are fine but I don't know what charger use ... I just have a 12v 3ah charger...
By Suburbancharlie77
That should be fine.
Keep it in mind that you don't want to exceed 1/4 of the ah ratings for the battery with the amperage of the charger. Otherwise you are golden.
By tekman-mx
I thought I should need some "smaller" charger to charge it slow and get more power time on each charge...
By Suburbancharlie77
Ya, maybe you'd see some negligible amount of life expectancy increase, but that would be minimal, compared to the increase of drive time due to the quicker charge, I doubt it would even be worth it.
I haven't been playing with power wheels for long, but I believe people on average get about 3 years from the batteries, so it's not like they're a 10 year investment anyway.
6 of one, half dozen of the other.
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