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for smaller 6v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 12v.
Hi all,
i'm from italy so sorry if my english is not very good or very technical...
i have a Feber Mini cooper 6V with one single motor at one side. The car has a circuitboard for remote control that can be removed.
The mini cooper should last only one last year, and i want to upgrade it to 12V(keeping the single motor), and i don't need anymore the circuitboard for remote control. So the idea is spending little money and rewire in a simple way the entire car with thicker cables.
I'm a newbie in powerwheels but i have good skills with modification, but no idea of what electric components i need and how to wire them. The most difficult is what component do i need to invert the polarity of the motor.
One thing that i want to keep, if possibile, are the switches, that are fine integrated in the car(such as shift lever, on/off ignition key and the foot accelerator switch).
I have write down a very simple draft of the components and how i think they should work.
What do you think?
Will the standard motor hold the 12V?
Will the standard switches(ignition key, shifter F/R, foot accelerator) hold the 12V?
What kind of Ampere battery should i buy? 12V 12A/15A/17A? And the fuse: 30A?
Which component do i need to invert the polarity and how to wire it to ensure that it is controlled by the shift lever switch?

I hope to have explained all well, any help will be appreciated.


Most likely being circuit board controlled the switches and pedal will not be rated for the amperage of the direct current of the motors. You could use them to activate a couple relays that are rated for the motor current. To switch from fwd to rev you would need a two pole double throw relay. Look through the electrical section or somebody here might have a wiring diagram they could put up to give you a good start.
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