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BCP Jeep - Battery AH Upgrade

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:48 am
by jmp4109
Good Afternoon! I just purchased a new BCP Jeep for my 2 year old son's birthday. So far he loves it, but the battery life is a bit lacking. It has a 12v 7ah battery currently installed and only last about 1 hour. Since there is enough room under the hood (see attached picture) I thought I could add a additional 12v 12ah battery in parallel. I called around to a few places and they suggest posting on this site as they thought there were issues in doing this because of the remote control feature and charging process. I was wondering if anyone has ever modified this product before and if its simple. Also any suggestions on parts as well?

Manual Link Below: ... 1519052950 ... .pdf?10056

Thanks again for your help and suggestions!

Re: BCP Jeep - Battery AH Upgrade

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:26 pm
by wired
Adding an additional 12v battery in PARALLEL to a 12v vehicle will cause no adverse effects. Problems occur when voltage is increased beyond the stock value on vehicles with circuit boards. A parallel circuit does not increase the voltage; it just increases the amp hour rating so you would be good-to-go. Simply swapping the smaller stock battery for the 12v 12ah battery would be an improvement. The only problem with running batteries of different amp hour (AH) ratings is the difference in battery run time. The lower AH rated battery will drain faster and then start to drain heavily on the higher AH rated battery. You will notice the vehicle slow way down when this happens. It's just not good for battery health. Lots of info on this site or google concerning matching AH ratings. No need for me to go on and on about it. You're on the right track for longer run times without harming the stock electrical system.