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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors
Hi all, looking forward to learning much more about how to do all of this so forgive me if my first handful of questions sounds noobish :)

I bought ... k-mercedes for my daughter for Xmas. She's 2 and a half so I didn't want to go all out with a full size power wheels just yet... I'm playing the conservative card FOR NOW...

Let me describe the vehicle a little bit if that will help:

Slim battery with two wires(black and red) wired to a circuit board, and that circuit board has two more wires(blue and white) wired to a single motor powering one rear wheel. There is clearly a space for another motor on the other side, and perhaps another battery, but I'll get to that another day. Also, into that circuit board is a 4 wire connector that runs up to the front of the vehicle for what I'm guessing when I looked is gas pedal and forward/reverse lever.
I just realized I took a picture of it when I first got it, so here's what I have:

The first thing I bought for safety purposes was this remote kill switch I've read about it on the forums and it seems to be a fairly common one... however I realized not long ago that her vehicle is 6v and the kill switch is 12v. So I'm wondering if I have to either A) Make the vehicle 12v, which I'm hesitant to do since she is still learning to drive it and has yet to accurately steer it on her own, or B) Somehow wire a relay into the setup so the kill switch will work. I saw JP had some really good wiring diagrams and I was looking forward to something similar so I could really learn on how to do things properly.

I have plenty of questions, and like I said before, really looking forward to learning how to do these things(and properly)!
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You have some options.
You can purchase a relay that operates on 6vdc.
You can run a 12vdc relay off a separate battery.
You can add another motor gearbox to the car, wire the motors in series and change the battery from 6 to 12vdc. This would double your traction but keep the speed and electrical current the same as stock while giving you a 12vdc system to operate your relay from.
Only if you want to put 12vdc to each motor. That is a parallel circuit. I am not familiar with the capabilities or limits of your circuit board and don't know how much voltage it can take.
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Well seeing as you've already purchased the remote kill, and you said your driver isn't quite ready for upgraded speed yet, I would purchase a separate battery to run just the accessories. It isn't wasted money because if you buy a large enough battery you could use it in your future performance upgrades. Also, having a spare 12v battery for testing and little projects is a nice thing to have. That's what I would do based on your info. Let us know how everything works out or if you come up with a better solution. I like to hear what everybody does so I don't get close minded.
So purchase a 12v battery, wire the remote starter to a 12v relay, to the battery, to the vehicle? Assuming so, couple questions:
1) Where do I wire the 12v IN and 12v OUT from the starter?
2) I'm not familiar with relays, so how would I wire that with the starter and the vehicle?
wire the 12v to control the relay. wire your vehicle 6v wiring to be controlled through the relay contacts. I would search some of the sites previous posts on kill switches so you can choose the one that fits you best. Here is a recent one on an 18v system:
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11238" onclick=";return false;
It's a good thread because it takes the vehicle braking feature in to consideration.
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Got it. I'll pick up a 12v battery and 12v relay before I start asking more - it won't help until I at least have the parts :)

Somehow I have a sinking feeling in the back of my head that this project is going to go by the wayside and the remote kill will end up in a dusty box... I've never been great with wiring relays, and 12v/6v, etc.... I have a habit of giving up on things I don't understand lol(primarily because I dont have time to figure it out)
It's hard to assist/troubleshoot through a forum sometimes. Search Ebay for some inexpensive parts. You can usually find anything you want for cheap. I had toyed around with the remote kill feature but soon realized it would be a waste of our time.
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