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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors

I'm a newbie, just registered. (No Electrical expereince)

I have a used single motor Ferrari f40 (Original Feber) car for my 5 year old, he plays with it inside on the carpet, (really slow) but i believe the battery last 30mins only.... after a full charge.. i thought i may get 60mins at least. Anyway...

i first want to make the battery last longer.. do i purchase another 6v 12ah battery (which there is space for it) if so how do i wire it with the existing battery next to it? Also will it charge both 6v 12ah battery with existing charger.


do i purchase 1 single 12v battery (which one?) will it burn out the dc 6v single motor?

I will eventually modify the traction with another 6v motor, but cant find anything yet, plus im on a budget...

please help

your gonna want to stay 6 volt or the speed will increase either go with 1 bigger amp hour battery or buy one the same size as you add the second battery and stay at 6 volts you just add jumper wires from positive terminal to positive terminal and the same with the negatives. if you dont use a factory battery in the system be sure to add a fuse also. welcome to the group!
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to add the second battery and stay at the same voltage you will wire them in parallel. if your new battery is an sla aftermarket type it will have spade terminal connections, you will have to add terminals to your harness so that your positive wire is connected a fuse and then to the positive of both batteries and negative wire to the negative of both batteries. this can be done easily at home with a few supplies,
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