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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors
By shine

i have a feber ferrari f40 single 6v gearbox - 2x6v 12 ah battery

After all the reading I have decided to only upgrade the single dc motor from 6v onwards .. i have added tires grips for traction already.. gonna wire serial battery connection for 12v power

I'm thinking for a powerful single motor 12v+ for speed.. i need advice whicjh motor required?

any ideas? have added photo of what i have already

im from the UK
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By iDz Bowl
If you're looking for speed, why not just put two motors on the 12v battery? It seems that that vehicle already has a spot for a second motor.
Do you know which gears are on it?
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By shine
thanks for replying..

I do know were to purchase a 2nd feber gearbox that would be 6v. but dont want this for traction as i have tyre traction rubber screwed in already

my question is what motor with cog do i need to purchase to upgrade the current 6v dc motor, i rather replace the motor with cog, but motors dont come with cog or pinion?

For test purposes i set a serial connection on the battery which gave 2x6volt - 12v power it flew like a rocket but then dint work then it did, i found out there is a full swith with a fuse i think, so gonna get 40amp fuse is that right?

By shine
After the battery modifications of 2x6v battery's...

The car goes lke a rocket on our tough long carpet, but only for a few seconds.. then works again..then stops and starts?

There is a kill switch.. but no fuse box.

would i be right in thinking in cannot handle 12v serial connection on 6v dc motor.

if so can you recommend a better motor with a cog for the gearbox?

or will the feber 12v gearbox for the feber California work on the f430?

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