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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors
By xaflatoonx
First time user - First time poster - First time power wheel buyer! lol

Please let me know if this particular dune racer has been discussed before - i tried searching it but didnt find. Definitely dont mean to repost and clog the forum.

I purchased this lil dune racer. Its 6volts.

What do i need to do to convert this to 12 volts?
I have read a few other posts of people doing the same to their other rides - but wanted to know if someone has a write up on this that can help me.

I am a newbie - so was hoping for some hand holding here... but promise wont annoy.

Starting questions -

what kind of batteries work best.
How to connect them
will the motor overheat or burn out?
is it safe?

any other recommendation? suggestion?

Thank you all very much


By Gizmo
Read the battery and electrical FAQs. Everything you need is there. You can almost certainly run 12V, and it will almost certainly burn out the motors and/or gearboxes prematurely. Get a 12V 12A battery from Gruber and a Schumacher charger from Amazon. ... ah-battery

Someone here will sell you a PW battery side plug that you just connect to the Gruber battery. Just add a fuse, and you're good to go.

If this is your kid's first BPRO, consider leaving it alone for a while and letting him/her get used to stock. I think that particular ride is super 6, so it will fly on 12V.
You are absolutely right - thats exactly what I plan to do... leave it until he gets used to the 6V...

I am just getting prepared for the eventual change. I definitely appreciate your advice and its duly noted.

On to questions .. lol
"You can almost certainly run 12V, and it will almost certainly burn out the motors and/or gearboxes prematurely"

So that confused me... so are you saying i should NOT convert it to 12v since it will burn out the motor/gearbox? sorry for being stupid - but i wanted to be sure.
By Gizmo
The motors and gears are designed for a certain voltage. Most here will over volt knowing that it will prematurely wear out the equipment. Gonna play, gotta pay.

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thanks guys.

I still may need some direction on how the connection works.

Having the battery and charger - what type of "side plug" and Fuse do i need and how do i connect all 4 things.

I feel dumb asking these questions. :(
Hope the process goes well....I will tell you use that search bar with all types of combinations. I have searched more on doing a simple LED light wiring process than I care to admit.

But what I have learned, the archived forum posts are LOADED with awesome tips/answers.

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