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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors
I got a gmc roll play power wheel for my daughter 6v one motor and it has a circuit board with 2 relays (6v). She was getting bored with it because it was slow so I got another 6v battery put them in series and it got a lot faster.

I wanted to add a second motor for more traction as well so I got 2 new 12volt motors and gear boxes. I put them in and I hooked up the batteries again and I tested it by pushing on the pedal but it seemed it was slow again . I don’t really know how this works I figure it would be just as fast but both wheels spinning.

By adding another motor is each motor now getting 6volts ? Do I need 2 12volt batteries one for each motor ?

Are the relays not letting the 12 volts go through? Will putting 2 12v relays fix it? I’ll do it anyways I’m assuming the relays will burn out anyways

How do I get it to be fast how it was with the 2 6V batteries and one motor but with 2 motors?

Two things I think could be happening:

#1: The speed is going to be dependent on the motor. It's possible that the 6V motor was running 12000-15000 RPM at 6V -- which would make it 24000-30000 RPM (with limited longevity). When you bought a new 12V motor, perhaps the 12V motor is spec'd at 15000 RPM @ 12V, so it's back to the same speed as original.
I don't really have any information on the gearboxes (original or the ones you bought).

#2: How did you wire the two gearboxes? In series or parallel? They should be parallel (+ on both gearboxes wired to the + at the output of the controller, and - on both gearboxes wired to the controller) -- so both get 12V. If you wire them in series then it will be half as fast (each motor gets 6V).
Hi, I have the same Rollplay truck, and my son is having the same issue, was thinking the same picking up another stock 6v battery and running it in series, Do you have any pictures or digrams how you did it? Also did you have any issues with control board before you update to 2wd?

Any update on this? I have the same goal. I want to either add another 6v motor or swap out for two new 12v motors but don't know how many batteries i'll need.

So you added a second 6V and wired it to 12V? Did anything burn out?

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