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Modded a batmobile, but there are problems.

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:33 pm
by JeffWScott
I bought this, second hand, for my son's birthday a few weeks ago, and he was underwhelmed to say the least. ... fGEALw_wcB

So i figured I would mod it as my other son has a modded ATV that hauls.

I followed a YouTube video on how to mod it to a 12v/12ah battery. Pretty simple except the inline fuse I bought had too thick of wire to fit into the wire couplers so I left it off of the build. My son's ATV that came modded doesn't have any fuses so I didn't think it was super important.

Anyway, i had ny son in the batmobile this afternoon and it was awesome!! He had a blast for about half an hour. The he parked it, and when he came back about 10 min later the batmobile wouldn't start at all. There was no response from the pedal at all (checked and the power swich was set to on).

So what could be the problem? Did I somehow damage the motor or battery because I left off the 30amp fuse?? What's the best was to diagnose a powerwheels?