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vehicles with a circuit board controlling the motors
Morning guys,
I have bought my daughter a 6v yellow hanma hummer ride on for xmas, I would like to up the voltage to 12v she already has a small 6v trike, would it be easier to add that battery to up the voltage or buy a new 12v battery ? Would i need a new charger ? . Could someonle please post a wiring diagram would i need to add a fuse and would it effect the use of the parant remote control?

Thanks for any replays


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By jparthum
I'm not familiar with that particular model, but all 6V vehicles will be wired one of two ways; Either using all high-current (heavy duty) switches and wiring, or using a minimal amount of high-current wiring in conjunction with low current electronics (circuit board) to facilitate switching. If your vehicle came with remote control, then it has to fall in the latter category and include a circuit board, which means that extra steps need to be taken in order to isolate any added Voltage from those electronics. This isn't too difficult, but does require that some harder to find Relays be purchased :| . Additionally, you're likely to find that having only one wheel powered will cause traction problems which will be exacerbated by the additional Voltage - adding a second motor/gearbox to the other rear wheel would solve this problem. Here's a diagram showing how your original wiring should be, then how you would add a 12V battery, Relays, and an additional Motor, in order to increase Voltage to the rear wheels while preserving the electronics...
Click to animate.
You can ignore the lower motor and wiring if you choose not to add a second motor.

Here are 6V Relays that I have used with good luck... ... dp/30M9197

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By jparthum
No problem! :)

I forgot to add a Legend to the diagrams :oops: ;
Black = Negative (-)
Orange = 6V (+)
Red = 12V (+)

FYI: This will also dramatically lower the amount of current that the circuit board is subjected to - even from the factory configuration - which should actually extend the potential life of the circuit board even longer. 8-)
By D34dly
I have the Same Hanma Hummer..

but is it not easyer to Buy a extra 6V battery and a 12V Motor(so it don't overheat) ?
Then it will have more power and will go faster..
Or am i wrong??
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By jparthum
An extra motor (wired in Parallel, as shown in the diagram) would help alleviate traction problems, but 12V Volts would still be supplied to both motors.

To use two 6V batteries instead of one 12V & one 6V, you would want to:
  1. Move the wire currently shown on the Positive [+] terminal of the 12V battery to either;
    1. the Positive [+] terminal on the existing 6V battery, or
    2. the Positive [+] input terminal on the circuit board.
  2. Add a new (heavier gauge) wire between the existing 6V battery Negative [-] terminal, and the new 6V battery Positive [+] terminal.
  3. Connect the wire currently shown on the 12V battery Negative [-] terminal to the Negative [-] terminal on the new 6V battery.
By ibfu62
i know guys that you know the Hanma hummer h2, i would like to buy one for my kid.
he is 18mouths and he does not really know how to ride an electric car, so i would like to get him one with a RC but,
I want to get him a 2 sitter 12v who doesn't provide a RC.
I know i need a RC with a receiver so i found this : ... l-receiver

but how would i command the manual steering with the remote controller? is the RC hummer 1 sit has an electric steering motor or something like that?
it won't be a hard deal to connect the forward and reverse command but what would be like the steering stuff?
i'm really lost plus i am a french resident and it has been a long time that i didn't practise my English 8-)

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