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My son has a mini powerwheel fourwheeler that he enjoys on concrete and stones but its just a dog in the grass. I plan on re-painting it because its Dora themed lol but i want to put a 12v battery in but want the biggest capacity one i can fit. Right now it looks like i can get the compartment opened up to 2.25"w x 5.5"L x 4.5" H.

Anyone know where or who offers batteries that can fit here that are 12v? i figured 12v cuz it would be easier to charge with my battery charger than two 6v batteries.

If this is your ride, you can actually have room for 18v.

FYI: if you had two matching amp hour 6V batteries wired in series, there will be no difference in the way you charge them. You treat them like a single 12v. If you go that route make sure you start with fully charged 6v batteries prior to placing them in 12v service and you'll be fine.

Play safe.
toycrusher wrote:If this is your ride, you can actually have room for 18v.

No offense toycrusher, but I put a 12v in our daughter's little quad and it is fast enough. It jumps when she hits the button, like a mini wheelie.
I think with 18v it would definitely wheelie and cause the kid to smack his/her head. Now with that being said, a wheelie bar of some sort could fix that. :mrgreen: Either way, I think most aftermarket 12v's fit fine in this vehicle.
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Must be a different lil quad. I put non-super-6 3a's in mine and at 18v it ran like a super-6 on 12v. Didn't pop wheelies :(
I have the same set up as iDZ. Took my sons up to 12v and it jumps when he starts up. I actually had to redo it once already. The first set up, he popped a wheelie and fell back on the motors, busting the mounts. I had to re-position everything and add a wheelie bar to help protect.
Well i bought a 12v battery from amazon, took some cutting to make it fit but it runs so much better now, especially with the added traction. Its actually hard to get him on it though now as he ran into my trailer before i could stop him and get his finger off the button lol

But at least it can get through the grass now!
By BSpreeman
I just put a 12 volt in the dora vw beetle, the 6v was fried when we bought it used. Since I got it wired, the gear box makes a real bad noise and the motor was very hot for about 30 minutes aftger. Is this normal? Is it possible I'm putting too many volts to the engine? I took the gearbox apart and no gears were broken and everything looked pretty greased up. I literally just bought the battery and now I'm more into this "steal of a deal" as my wife puts it LOL
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