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vehicles Without circuit a board controlling the motors
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By cwcb08
I'm trying to use 12vwiz schematic for adding a button throttle with my daughters barbie beetle but i keep blowing fuses, this is what my harness looks like ( stock is a 6v battery but I'm going to run two in series with a 12v relay ), any advice?
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By toycrusher
I don't quite understand how you have it wired. Can you elaborate?
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By cwcb08

This is what I'm trying to do

And my stock harness looks like the pic I posted earlier ( I added two 6v in series with fuses to make 12v so I didn't have to buy an expensive 6v relay )

White from battery to foot switch, black and blue from foot switch to FW/R button , blue/red from FW/r button to the motor

When I try to remove the foot switch and add the relay as per the 12vwiz diagram I just blow fuses what pin should go to where in my application?

Currently I just have a simple I/O switch on a teather to make it move ( no relay and no brakes when I throw the switch off )
Not sure I'm reading that drawing correctly, but I really don't see a relay trigger?
Relay wiring
86=switch positive from your "go" button!
87=gas pedal red
30=battery positive
You will want the batteries in series, but I believe you need a resistor since your primary voltage is desired to be 6 volt, but you may need the 12 volt to activate the relay (unless you have a 6 volt relay?)?
The resistor would be to cut the 12 down to 6 to the gas pedal, but I have NO clue what value you'd need. Also, you may want to consider some way to require the gas pedal needing to be down, before your turbo button will activate, like some of the Harley's have. I dunno if they are the new or old ones, but it's NOT the 2 switch, 4 button ones! I'll see if I can dig up a model number, but I can't EVER get a picture to post here, so there's no way to show you if I did find a schematic. =/ sorry but maybe a model will help? I personally have no clue how the things wired, only know hitting the 2nd gear button alone, does nothing, which may be kinder for your little one.

Plus the orange gas pedal wire, I believe shorts to ground, so when the motors aren't powered, they "presumably" become generators to stop the vehicle. So that blue wire you have, pedal to r to motor doesn't look right?
I can't really see the pictures right now I'm driving but I decided to reply that will go away in time I think it's just a matter of needing to see if you're going to need to be censored or not I don't know I don't have an answer but that doesn't go away I agree but it's no biggie

Can you draw again how you have your batteries now that we have a better picture of your add on schematic
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By toycrusher
cwcb08 wrote:Sorry about the slow replies, I've never been a part of a forum where every post needs to be approved by a mod before, it's actually quite annoying
I apologize. The forum is on a new platform and occasionally it's doing dumb things like that. We'll get it straightened out here soon.
Hey, his pictures were there earlier, and now gone???

And a model number with the second gear thumb button activated AFTER the gas is pressed would be
H0638-9993 Harley Delux
That's what's shown on one I just got.
This particular model doesn't have the saddle bags just in case anyone is comparing??

And now the pictures are back? WTF?
Oh yeah, what amp fuse are you blowing?
I had a 6V skid steer, 2# 6V12Ah in parallel, running s l o w l y on I believe a 15 amp just fine. Switched my wiring to 12 volt, same batteries, same wiring, and in under 10 minutes would blow 25 amp fuses. My original harness was 16 AWG for the extended slow drive setup. After blowing the 25 amp fuse, grabbed my 10 AWG, and a 30 amp fuse holder, over an hour in on an 80 degree day, no issues! And super 6 12 volt fast! Not quite 18 volt mustang fast, but fun enough considering the cornering ability of the mighty loaders.
Let us know the fuse size your blowing too!
Dunno if any of these schematics may help?


Also, model number P5066-9993 may have a similar harness to what you are creating? Again, apologies for not knowing how to offer suggestions on how to find it =/
But that's a Kawasaki kfx quad with hi speed on a twist throttle, activated AFTER foot pedal is engaged.
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By toycrusher
The relay replaces the foot pedal. You can use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the spade terminals from the plastic three wire connector. Connect those wires to the appropriate places on the relay. I have a feeling that you are connecting the wrong wires from the pedal connector to the wrong spots on the relay. The little harness is different from the 12v harness in 12VWIZ'S diagram.
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