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vehicles Without circuit a board controlling the motors
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By Nate50112
Hi All!

After looking around for a similar issue I can't seem to find anything that works so I'm hoping that someone can help. Our two year old is disabled and does not have any movement from the waist down so I am in the process of trying to modify an Audi TT ( ... 12666:TRUS) to hand power.

The problem that I am running in to is that the original pedal switch is a 3 prong switch, and the button switch that I purchased is a 4 prong.
(It is an arcade push button switch and I believe the two brass leads control the light on the switch and the white leads control the actual switch function.) No matter how I seem to wire it up the car won't move. I've got it wired up so that the light lights up (I don't really care too much if it does or not) but the motor won't fire, and I'm hoping that someone can help. I've attached a bunch of images to give an idea of what I am working with. Basically, out of the box the 3 leads were the green wire, blue wire and the two yellow wires that I have separated now were combined to make the 3rd lead.

If anyone has any idea what I am doing wrong your help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
That was one of the things I was looking for but couldn't find on it. The button I purchased can be found here, maybe you can decipher the numbers better than I can with no knowledge of this stuff haha!

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