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vehicles Without circuit a board controlling the motors
Hello to you all,

Our Grandsons John Deere tractor runs fine for a while but sometimes stops working if he lets up and then pushes the accelerator down again. After a bit it goes again. My suspicion is there is a heat protecting relay/switch somewhere in the circuit but at this juncture I don't know. This is the second year he has had it.

Any thoughts on the matter that would guide me in finding the problem?

Thanks in advance,

Most powerwheels and peg perego batteries have a breaker in the battery that auto resets itself in 30 seconds to 5 minutes
I could give you a way to fix it but I'd need to know the surface it's driving on, if it's hilly, if the tractor is 6or12v and what the child's weight is.

I will look at the battery and see if there is a replaceable fuse/relay.

Our little one is 3 and a half years old, about 36-40 pounds and we live in the country so he rides his little tractor on our lawn of weeds and grass up and down the hill surrounding our home where ever he decides he wants it to go.

Thanks for the responses. Is there a way to set this question up so I get notified when someone gives me an answer?
When you're typing a post, check 'notify me when a reply is posted'

In my experience intermittent throttle issues are almost always attributed to a thermal breaker. Pegs usually have one between the battery and battery connector, inside that thin plastic case. Several models also have one in the shifter bus bar but I'm not sure about this model. Look for a little silver metal box. Remove it and replace with a 30A fuse.

Looks like this:
New Here!

Thanks but I only have 1 battery

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