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vehicles Without circuit a board controlling the motors
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By farganaraz
Hey Everyone.
My name is Francisco and I'm from Argentina. I'm a computer science engineer, and I fly FPV racing drones as a hobby so I'm quite confortable with building and soldering stuff.
I have a 2 and a half year old son (about 33 lbs) and I'm researching a bit to upgrade his car (Infanti Mini Cooper S) from 6v to 12v. Stock as it is I literally walk faster than the car goes :cry:
So this car has only one RS550-6235E DC 6V 150519/D Motor on the right back wheel. It runs on a 6V 7A.H. battery. It also has lights, horn, speakers, FM radio, audio input jack and a remote control that you can use if you flip a switch to control the car and steering. No throttle control... just full power or none.

Should I buy another motor with the same specs as the stock one, and add it to the other wheel? Will there be any difference between 2 motors + 12v batt and 1 motor and 12v batt?
This is the only one that looks like it's a match with my stock motor that I've found so far online here in Argentina ( ... a-nino-_JM) That would be $70... yeah, stuff is quite expensive here :(
So, if I add that 2nd motor, and a 12V battery... is there any way I can keep the 6v for all the other electronics (I figure they would smoke up with 12v) and just use a 12v battery for the motors when they need to spin up? Would the remote control work? Anyone done something like this?
My main concern is that he doesn't really know how to drive it well yet, so I let him drive a bit but also control it a lot with the remote control so keeping that functionality is a must.

Thanks in advance!
Cheers from Argentina.

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