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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By sturgeon866
Hi Everyone,
My son have a Kidtrax SRT Viper 16v. Unfortunately the battery died. Worse of all manufacturer does not carry the battery anymore. I have looked everyone for it and seems the only palce I find it is in china with 400$ freight (which is almost twice the price of the car !)

So here's my question, I plan to put 3 x 6V in series to give 18V or 2 x 12V. Any advice on what to look to see if the motor will handle the extra power ? Anything on the little board ? Any advice ? I got good skill doing the wiring and knowing basic electrical thing (Parralel wiring, Series, AH calculation, charging) but motor parts is something new to me.


By sturgeon866
Hi All, me again.
I have decided to go 3 x 6v total 18v to play safety. So far everything is working fine and my son is happy again ;)
Everything runs fine and no major bump in speed. I find out the the small board is a relay. Still do not know what this is doing exactly.

So in case other lucky SRT Viper 16v owner are stuck with a dead battery 3* 6v 12ah seems to works fine.
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By ElectricRay
At first I thought it was a typo, as this is the first time I've heard of a 16V setup. Nice you got it working again. It it double nice that you shared your finding with others.
By neudar

Thanks for posting that 3 x 6v battery works on the car. I am new to this and not sure how can I connect the batteries and which batteries are required. If possible, can you please post a picture of your setup or a short tutorial. and if you can please let me know which 6v battery you used? From where can I buy these 6v batteries?

By sturgeon866
Hi Neudar,
Here my picture. Remember as disucssed that I do not have fuse to my setup currently and you should put 1 on each battery. I will do it as soon as I received mine.

Whole Setup: ... authuser=0
Battery : ... authuser=0
Anderson powerpole: ... authuser=0
By HunterAce
Wondering how your car is running now? I have the same predicament. 16V battery in Viper is dead. Cannot find replacement. I did find a guy out west
who will build a 16V and sent it to me (Pacific Cycle sent me to him). Or, he tells me that I could simply put in a 12V and it will run a little slower.

Did you try 12 V only? If so, how did it work?

What are you using to charge your 6V batteries? Not the original 16V charger, correct?

By sturgeon866
Hi HunterAce,
Car is still running fine, but I am still waiting for my inline fuse so I limit the play time with it. Battery life is good as before, I did not notice any change in speed. I did not try 12v as I did not want it to go slower.

To charge the 6v battery I am using a 6v Battery charger. Before I made my power pole connector I was charging them one by one (that mean unplugging them everytime ...) but now with my power pole connector I charge them at once in parrallel. Take about 30h if they are depleated but since the charger I use stop when full (opposite of the original one provided by pacific cycle ..) I charge the car after every use so it is always ready to go.
By HunterAce
Thanks for the reply! I was told $125 total for battery/shipping. LEVT (Light electric vehicle technology) is the name of the company. 1-877-807-5388. I am in Indiana. They are out west somewhere.
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