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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
OK, I've read so many forums but haven't come across a solution to my problem yet. My daughter has a jeep hurricane and I bought the Phase II gears and 18 volt kit from MLToys. The battery kit came with an inline 40 amp fuse, new 12 volt and new 6 volt, same brand and same amp batteries. In high gear the fuse blows almost immediately, but only in high gear. I then changed all the wiring to 10ga and it still blows the fuse. Switches look clean and I haven't noticed anything getting hot at all. I'm ready to put gas in it and light a match to it. :x
Any help please

When fuses blow it is because there is too much amperage flowing through the wires. An amperage increase is normally caused with more powerful motors and/or increased voltage. Healthy Power Wheels wiring can handle 775 motors and 24 volts. Think of your wiring as a highway that amperage flows along from homes (your battery) to your motors (a Hillary Clinton Rally). The switches are intersections that slows the amperage as it decides which way to go. Now a Donald Trump rally comes to town (bigger motors) which causes more amperage to flow. Now your intersections start getting backed up a little. Now if your switches are older and worn it's like having potholes in the road and Bernie Sanders in the crosswalk. The amperage starts to backup. The fuse is like a rickety wooden bridge that when the traffic backs up onto it causes it collapse. The same thing occurs when you increase the voltage which is like adding more homes with crazy people trying to get to the rally.
In the end, it's all Obama's fault.

Now in the event that you've replaced your switches and the contacts in the white plugs are healthy you should look to what could be holding the motors back. Putting too many shims on the rear axle so there's no play, a bent axle, rubber tires, increased tire diameter, are all things that make life tougher on the motors which makes life tougher all up the line.
So MLtoys are you saying that the four or five members with the exact same problem all have put too many shims on the rear axle, or have a bent axle, or added rubber tires, or increased tire diameter ... ? Or does your new motor/gearbox combo with the increased voltage just draw too many amps for the supplied fuse? If I contacted MLtoys for support and got your silly Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump Rally answer I would think your tech support is a joke.
Welcome to the joys of ML stage 2... I have the same thing...Obviously the 3 jeeps I have tried this system in are the problem. All the jeeps have new switches, which was the response I got, yet it still fails and blows the fuse every single time. Multiple people on the boards have this problem...Yet its not a ML toys problem..its the jeep every time.......Honestly, the customer service is horrible, I just made a post about this..If it was within the claim period for paypal I would claim it.
I dunno about the jeeps but my kid does have the ones they sell on ebay <i dunno what stage that is> 128 bucks in his mustang. currently we dont do much with the 18v as I didnt wanna trash brand new gear boxes. but on the couple of occasions I have hooked up the 18V on his 21 T motors I haven't had problems yet.. And I'm not saying its your fault here just to be clear lol because I do know that the motors get hot in my kids mustang.. I keep the 18V runs to a minimum and I guess not fair as i think my almost 4 year old is a lil guy like me and only weighs 30 lbs. Now I've only had the motors and gearboxes for maybe a month now. and was debating getting the metal gears . but I think we are going 24 V conversion instead
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